Bobbacast Sessions
Bobbacast Sessions
Nov 29, 2020
Reimagining Builder's Club: Striking a balance between a paid system and perpetual ownership
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With little to no interaction from offical Habbo channels about the Habbo 2020 updates, users are left to speculate what is coming based off leaks from fansites. This podcast considers the implications of starting off Habbo 2020 without a player to player trading feature and how Habbo has failed the community when it comes to transparency and communication resulting in a disgruntled playerbase.


Paty joined the Brazilian hotel in 2007 and has been playing Habbo on and off since then. She used to own an agency back in the day, and also has experience in games and fan sites. With 10+ year friendships and love for the hotel, she's now back in the game due to the coronavirus outbreak. Building and making new friends are her favourite pastimes.

Tomi has played actively from 2009, and been a part of fansites since 2011. In 2020 he co-founded Fuusio, an official fansite on .fi and .com which is growing rapidly.

Santi134565 is a member of the .es hotel and has been playing since around 2008-2009. He really enjoys exploring deep inside Habbo, finding unused code, from features that were planned but never released and more

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