Bobbacast Sessions
Bobbacast Sessions
Oct 30, 2020
#SaveHabboTrading: What happens if you take away a core game feature?
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With little to no interaction from offical Habbo channels about the Habbo 2020 updates, users are left to speculate what is coming based off leaks from fansites. This podcast considers the implications of starting off Habbo 2020 without a player to player trading feature and how Habbo has failed the community when it comes to transparency and communication resulting in a disgruntled playerbase.


Pulx is a player on the .com Hotel who has been playing since 2005. He has been working closely alongside Habbo staff as a sandbox user building official rooms and bundles, and as a fansite owner, formerly with HabboCreate and now with Fuusio. In April 2020 he was elected Habbo's 'President of Fun' which saw him act as a voice for all the communities across Habbo, with particular focus on Habbo agencies.

Graspingg started playing Habbo on the Swedish/Russian Hotel since 2008 and is now a prominent player in the trading community on the .com Hotel. As a collector of rare Habbo items, she co-owns the Coin Club group where you can discuss items, seek trades, or request an audit to value your approximate Habbo wealth.

Electricana is a .com user who has been playing since 2014. Recently coming back from a break due to coronavirus, he plays Habbo to chat with mates and form new friendships.

Vado also known as Joshie Sparkles has been playing Habbo since 2006. Although he has spent time owning and running fansites, he is often recognised as a troll because of his online persona. He uses the game as inspiration for new music. His latest album VADOPHOBIA will be out at the end of this year.

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