Bobbacast Sessions
Bobbacast Sessions
Dec 27, 2020
All locked up: How Habbo 2020 is making it harder to spend the coins you purchase
Play • 30 min

One of the hottest topics on the Habbo 2020 updates seems to be the sheer amount of ways Habbo seems to be trying to create sinkholes for the credits in the economies. This episode focuses on the taxes, specifically the vault tax that was introduced in Habbo 2020.


Andings is a player on the .COM hotel. He is a long time player, and is a Habbo 2020 beta tester, which gave great insight to the current status of the beta, he is a developer for fellow fansite HabboQuests, and gave his opinion about the new vault tax among various other topics regarding the new user interface.

We took to Twitter to hear some opinions about the vault tax, which was read by Vado, sent in by @BrayHabbo.

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