Bobbacast Sessions
Bobbacast Sessions
Dec 16, 2020
A Taxing time on the community: Marketplace changes in #Habbo2020
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One of the hottest topics on the Habbo 2020 updates seems to be the sheer amount of ways Habbo seems to be trying to create sinkholes for the credits in the economies. This episode focuses on the changes to the Marketplace which create large amounts of tax across the board for all players trying to sell their items in #Habbo2020


ParratonPekka is a player on the .fi Hotel. A two time Builders at Work Master she has made great contributions to the games building scene. These days she writes long form articles as an activist trying to create change for the future of Habbo. This interview was voiced by Allyphobia from .com

MonkeyManBubby is a player on the .com Hotel joining Habbo in 2016. Since then, he's been a proactive player in agencies, before moving on to set up his own fansite - HabboFests.

Window is a player on the .com Hotel who has a strong presence in the trading community which he joined in 2017, accumulating a large wealth of items.

Luv-in-idleness - also known as Hablin - originally joined Habbo on .sg in 2005, and is now a .com player. Building small rooms, he likes to use habbo to chill out and talk about life and whatnots with friends. This guest interview was voiced by Hoopy from .com

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