Combine EFT Tapping With Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Box Breathing for Anxiety Relief
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In this episode:

- You discover how to apply two techniques with tapping to help speed relief from anxiety and stress. Those two techniques are: Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Box Breathing.

- You are taught and can experience both techniques.

- You discover how to use these methods with clients or others you may work with to ground and create rapport.

- Where to get more information and guidance.

- How to listen to previous episodes and why you should follow / subscribe now.

Important note: Nothing in this episode is intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical, psychological, physical, or emotional condition. This episode is shared for informational purposes only. Please consult an appropriate licensed medical provider for any and all issues of concern.


00:00 - Episode topic;
00:32 - Show and host info;
01:19 - Who is this show for?;
02:08 - Why combining tapping with other methods is powerful;
02:38 - Notice to everyone before proceeding;
03:48 - How to combine tapping with vagus nerve stimulation;
08:33 - How to combine tapping with box breathing;
12:04 - How long should do either vagus nerve stimulation or box breathing?;
13:04 - Summary of doing vagus nerve stimulation and box breathing methods;
15:00 - Resources and more info;
15:23 - How to listen to previous episodes and subscribe / follow.


Stephen Carter, founder of Stress Solutions, LLC and Stress Solutions USA. Email: Website:


Important medical note: If you have a heart issue, breathing problem, lung problem or any other medical or psychological condition that affects your breathing, please consult your medical doctor for approval before engaging in the breathing processes discussed in this episode. If you choose to apply any of the methods or information shared in this episode, you are agreeing to take full, complete, and sole responsibility for your own medical, physical, psychological, or emotional safety and / or wellbeing.

Summary for Combining Tapping With Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Box Breathing:

To combine tapping with vagus nerve activation, start by tapping the Karate Chop point or Collarbone point. Hum a favorite song, engage in random humming, or chant AUM or other mantra type sound as you continue tapping. Continue the process for one to four minutes or for whatever time you choose. To finish, place hands to heart, right hand over left or left over right, either is fine. Allow a loving in and in out breath, smile, and say the word "Peace".

To combine tapping with Box Breathing, begin tapping your Karate Chop or Collarbone point. Inhale through your nose for about four seconds, hold your breath for about four seconds, exhale gentle through pursed lips for about four seconds, and allow the lungs to remain empty for about four seconds. Continue the process for one to four minutes or for whatever time you choose. Close by placing hands to heart, allowing a gentle, loving in and out breath, and saying "Peace" with the exhalation.

Remember, modify either of these methods as needed to stay calm and comfortable.


"This Nerve Influences Nearly Every Internal Organ. Can It Improve Our Mental State, Too?" Link:

"Techniques and tips for box breathing: How can it treat anxiety?" Link:

Technical information:

Recorded with Audio Hijack. Edits with Twisted Wave. Final edits and rendering with Hindenburg Pro.

Microphone: Neat King Bee

Key words:

EFT, stress, stress relef, anxiety, tapping, Emotional Freedom Techniques, vagus nerve, box breathing, relax, relaxation, calm, emotional wellbeing,
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