EFT Tapping for Hurricane Disaster Distance Healing
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Listen to discover the step by step method to apply EFT distance healing to help the people, pets, places, land, and all life forms affected by Hurricane Ian.

Important note: While this episode focuses on sending love and healing energy using EFT for those affected by Hurricane Ian, the easily done method you'll learn in this episode can be applied to any weather or other disaster that has already happened or may happen in the future.


00:00 - Episode topic;
00:56 - Show and host information;
02:05 - Get more info at www.StressReliefRadio.com;
02:23 - What is distant healing?;
03:12 - Methods for distant healing;
03:41 - How to get your free guide for applying EFT for hurricane disaster distant healing;
04:23 - Where can we aim distant healing?;
04:36 - How do we begin a session?;
07:54 - How we use a surrogate object;
09:49 - Self-care tapping;
11:59 - Tapping to send love and healing energy to everyone and everything affected;
14:59 - Available resources in the show notes;
16:01 - Share episode and subscribe / follow to never miss an episode;
16:39 - How to contact host and listen to previous episodes.

How to get your free step by step guide:

To get your free step by step guide where I walk you through this easily done tapping protocol for distance healing for weather disasters, create an email with the subject line reading: "Hurricane Distant Healing Guide". You can leave the body of the email blank.

Send that email to me at CarterMethod@gmail.com and I'll send you the guide by return email.

Affirmations used during this episode:

"I choose to release any and all disempowering beliefs that may be blocking the free flowing energy supporting this distant healing session.”

"This image (object) represents the people, places, land, buildings, organizations, and all life forms in Florida (or other disaster location) and surrounding areas affected by the hurricane”.

"I choose to be at peace and allow what is to be as it is and do everything I can to help those affected by this hurricane."

"I choose to send love and healing energy to every person, animal, and life form affected by this hurricane.”

Distant healing resources:

Video: Replay of a live webinar: "Distant Healing for Weather Disasters". Link: https://youtu.be/DboSRsPEhzo

Video: Replay of a live webinar: "Dowsing and Distant Energy Healing". Link: https://youtu.be/BHJzpeveTK0

Video: Replay of a live webinar: "How to Do Heart to Heart Distance Healing". Link: https://youtu.be/7ET6LHvp1NI

Blog Post by Dr. Pat Carrington. "Distance Healing, Intention, and Surrogate EFT". Link: https://patcarrington.com/distance-healing-intention-and-surrogate-eft/

Host info:

Stephen Carter, founder of Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: https://www.StressReliefRadio.com. Email contact: CarterMethod@gmail.com.

Technical information:

Recorded with Reaper. Initial edits with Twisted Wave. Final edits and rendering with Hindenburg Pro.

Microphone: Audio Technical AT2005.


Hurricane Ian, storm, disaster, distance healing, distant healing, EFT, Emotional Freedom, tapping, Thought Field Therapy, healing,
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