How to Use EFT to Help Abuse Survivors With Angela Rae Clark
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Important Cautionary Message:

While this episode is not explicit, the conversation with my guest touches on experiences and topics that may not be appropriate for children. I suggest not listening to this episode in your car or in any other location if children can hear the audio.

The valuable insights you’ll discover in this video are important if you are a trafficking or abuse survivor, a caregiver, or a professional practitioner helping abuse survivors,

You’ll learn simple, effective methods you can put to work right away. You’ll also be able to receive a wonderful resource to help you whether you’re a survivor, caregiver, or professional practitioner.

Our special guest expert is Angela Rae Clark. Angela is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. She is a gifted writer, TEDx presenter, and survival leader who uses a variety of techniques to include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping, mindfulness, and other methods to help abuse survivors regain emotional wellbeing and create empowering and happy lives.


00:00 - Cautionary warning;
00:33 - Episode topic;
00:55 - Episode topic;
01:44 - Who is this podcast for?;
02:58 - Guest abuse expert - Angela Rae Clark;
03:37 - Corrected website address to receive your free resource;
04:48 - Start of our conversation with Angela Rae Clark;
05:14 - How Angela used tapping to help with disempowering thoughts;
08:09 - What to do when intrusive thoughts take control of your mind;
10:41 - Tips for caregivers to help abuse survivors;
13:56 - Tips for professional practitioners working with abuse clients;
15:47 - How journaling helped Angela;
19:04 - How professional practitioners can best use EFT with survivors;
23:22 - What to do if a client is triggered by tapping;
24:59 - How to contact Angela;
25:38 - How to receive your free resource - Note: Check show notes for corrected website address;
28:38 - What is post traumatic growth and why it's important.

During Our Conversation, You Discover:

* How to receive a valuable tool to help you regain and sustain emotional wellbeing;
* What to do when your past hijacks your present and future;
* The true role and value of a therapist / professional practitioner;
* How journaling can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and recovery;
* Important tips for caregivers and practitioners to include what they must avoid;
* Why being self-resourced helps create resilience;
* How to use EFT and other Energy Psychology methods to help speed recovery;
* What to do if an alternative to physical tapping is needed;
* How to combine somatic based and other methods with tapping;
* How to experience post traumatic growth, what it is, why it’s important, and how it differs from resilience.

Angela Rae Clark’s Resources Discussed in This Video:

Angela’s websites: and https;// Email:

How to receive your no cost resource document: “Angela’s Awareness Worksheet for Trauma Anniversaries and Managing Grief and Loss”.

Get your copy of the worksheet and get notices for her next class where she coaches you through the completion of the worksheet using methods to support your growth mindset around this sensitive topic.

Go to

To watch the YouTube version of this conversation, go to


Stephen Carter has been helping people master stress for more than four decades using a variety of methods to include EFT, Thought Field Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, and other techniques.

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