Combine Positive EFT with Power Posing and Anchoring for Rapid Results
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In this episode you’ll discover how to apply Positive EFT including all the tapping points, how to incorporate a technique called Power Posing with Positive EFT to ramp up your positive energy flow, and how to use an innovate stress assessment scale called the SUE scale, short for Subjective Units of Experience,

In addition, you’ll discover how to access Positive Resource States anytime you like using a technique from NLP, short for Neuro Linguistic Programming, called Anchoring.

To ensure you can learn to easily apply these powerful techniques, you’ll discover how to receive a written guide explaining everything we cover in the episode. That guide is free for the asking.

Email host Stephen Carter anytime with questions or to share thoughts at


00:00 - Episode topic;
01:21 - How to get your free Positive EFT / Power Posing / Anchoring guide;
02:42 - How to follow / subscribe or contact host;
03:38 - What you'll learn in the seminar;
05:04 - What is Emotional Freedom Techniques;
06:11 - What is Positive EFT;
09:07 - Begin by identifying stress level;
10:48 - Choosing the right energy form(s);
14:12 - How to apply the Heart & Soul tapping protocol;
21:35 - How to apply Power Posing;
24:38 - How to anchor positive states of mind & body;
28:29 - Additional resources.


Stephen Carter, CEO, Stress Solutions, LLC. Website: Email:

Technical information:

Recording and initial done using Twisted Wave. Additional edits done with Audacity with final edits and rendering done with Hindenburg Journalist Pro.

Microphone: EV RE320 for intro.

Key words:

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, emotions, stress, stress relief, calm, relax, relaxation, emotional wellbeing, happy, happiness, power posing, Amy Cuddy, Gary Craig, Roger Callahan, TFT,
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