EFT Tapping Tools and Resources You Can Use Right Now
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In this episode of EFT Tapping Junction, you discover tapping tools and resources you can put to work right away to level up your tapping knowledge, skills, and results.

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00:00 - Episode topic;
00:20 - Show and host info;
00:52- Who this show is for;
01:17 - How to choose tools & resources for better results;
02:25 - How to get a list of recommended resources;
03:17 - Consider chakra balancing as an additional tool;
04:03 - Tapping tools & resources you can use right now;
04:15 - EFT Words - Karin Davidson;
05:31 - EmoFree.com - Gary Craig;
07:24 - EFT Universe - Dawson Church;
09:16 - PeacefulHeart.se - Peaceful Heart Network;
10:30 - PatCarrington.com - Dr. Pat Carrington;
12:11 - EnergyPsych.org - ACEP;
12:57 - FREA.Support - FREA;
14:22 - 2 book recommendations - John Freedom & David Feinstein;
17:30 - How to get personalized recommendations;
18:15 - Reminder - How to get a copy of these recommendations;
18:58 - Share episode & follow / subscribe.

Tools and Resources Highlighted:

- Karin Davidson’s EFT Words resource where you can identify the exact setup statement and reminder phrases that apply to your situation. Once identified, you can use these “just right” statements for tapping. Resource link: https://www.EFTWords.com.

- Gary Craig’s EmoFree website: wo resources in one: “Official EFT” encompasses “Gold Standard EFT” (the current iteration of his original tapping based system) and “Optimal EFT” - the method he developed that goes beyond physical tapping to include what he calls the “Unseen Therapist”. The “Gold Standard Official EFT” is a comprehensive 5-part resource where Gary takes you through Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of tapping based EFT. Resource website link: https://www.EmoFree.com.

- Dr. Dawson Church’s EFT Universe site. There are thousands of case studies and other EFT related content Dawson originally received from Gary Craig when Gary cut back on his business involvement with EFT. Resource website link: https://www.EFTUniverse.com.

- The Peaceful Heart Network: The Peaceful Heart Network is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Sweden led by Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström. They’ve helped tens of thousands of people around the world deal with the horrors of war, genocide , major natural disasters, and so much more using a tapping protocol they developed called Trauma Tapping Technique, or TTT, and other self-care methods. Their book, “Resolving Yesterday”, is a wonderful resource as are the many other resources you’ll find on the site. I suggest starting at the “Learn Here” dropdown menu. Website resource link: https://PeacefulHeart.se.

- Pat Carrington’s online resource: The website for the multiple EFT and meditation resources created by Dr. Patricia Carrington, the creator of the EFT Choices Method. Once on the website at www.PatCarrington.com, I suggest beginning with the “About EFT” menu tab. You’ll find articles,  an EFT FAQ, a tapping points diagram, and a whole lot more resources. You’ll also want to check out the “Energy Healing Blog” and “products” menu tabs. Pat has a number of demonstration videos on YouTube, so entering her name, “Pat Carrington” in the YouTube search field to find several videos of Pat demonstrating the EFT Choices Method. Website resource link: https://www.PatCarrington.com.

- ACEP’s website: If you’re interested in Energy Healing research and EFT / tapping studies in particular, have a look at the Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology site at www.EnergyPsych.org. Click on the “Resources” tab to begin your exploration of the ACEP site.

- FREA, short for Finding Recovery and Empowerment From Abuse: Your first stop should be the “Resources” tab where you’ll find articles, videos, self-care skills and much more. There are professionally produced instructional videos and downloadable PDF instruction guides for multiple Energy Healing techniques. Check out the blog posts and other tabs for an array of useful tools, techniques, and other resources. This site is designed to help abuse survivors, but the information to include those videos and guides are helpful for anyone looking toward self-care. Website resource: https://www.FREA.Support.

Book Recommendations:

“Heal Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique” by  John Freedom. John is a counselor and longtime EFT practitioner who is also the research coordinator for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, or ACEP, and is the Executive Director for FREA. Search by author and / or title in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book sellers.

- “The Promise of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Personal Change”  by Dr. David Feinstein, co-authored with Donna Eden and Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, is one of the best books on EFT ever written. Search Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other booksellers using author name and / or book title.

Other Resources Shared in This Episode:

Interview with composer, musician, and chakra balancing expert Ty Ford: “Chakra Balancing With Special Soundscape Audios”:
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/b3ULamwd7Ow. Audio podcast link: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/46404595.

Interview with Dr. Patricia Carrington about her life and work including her “EFT Choices Method”: Audio podcast link: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/20493572.

Host Information:

Stephen Carter, CEO, Stress Solutions, LLC. https://www.EFT-MD.com. Email: CarterMethod@gmail.com.

Technical Information:

Recorded and first edits with Twisted Wave. Second edits with Audacity and leveled with Levelator. Final edits and rendering with Hindenburg Journalist Pro.

Microphone: EV RE320.


Gary Craig, David Feinstein, Dawson Church, Pat Carrington, John Freedom, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, Ty Ford, chakra balancing, EFT Choices Method, FREA, abuse recovery,
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