Combine EFT and Havening for Trauma and Anxiety With Erika Neil, LCSW, JD
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Licensed Clinical Therapist Erika Neil, LCSW, JD, shares how to use Havening for a wide range of emotional issues to include trauma, anxiety, panic, and other emotional issues. In addition, you discover:

- What Havening is and why it can be so effective;

- How to combine Havening with other holistic methods such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT);

- How to use self Havening to experience profound states of calm and peace (she describes exactly what to do);

- How you benefit when Havening is applied;

- What kinds of emotional challenges can be helped with Havening;

- What is actually occurring in your brain and body during a Havening session;

- How you can get trained and use Havening with complete confidence.

Important Note: This is the audio podcast version of a video conversation with Erika about Havening, EFT, Somatic Experiencing, and much more. To watch the video version of this conversation, go to

Who is Erika Neil, LCSW, JD?

Erika is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. She helps clients overcome the limiting effects of trauma and other difficult life experiences so that they are free to live the life they want.

She is a Havening trainer with extensive experience applying Havening and other holistic and mainstream treatment methods to help clients with a wide range of issues.

Erika attended Harvard University, Columbia University Law School, and Catholic University School of Social Service. She has specialized training in the treatment of trauma, managing stress and difficult emotions, and strengthening positive emotional states.

In addition to Havening, she is trained in EMDR (Eye–Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), Reiki, Quantum Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, the Flash Technique, and Brainspotting.

You can learn more about Havening and Erika on her website, You can also contact Erika there as well.


Stephen Carter is CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping clients achieve emotional balance while achieving success in every area of life.

Steve is an Energy EFT Master Practitioner and trainer and holds multiple certifications in other Energy Psychology and holistic methods.

Learn more about Steve, Stress Solutions, LLC, and his podcasts at

Email contact for Steve:


00:00 - Episode topic;
00:32 - Show, host, and episode info;
03:22 - Erika Neal and what is Havening?;
04:03 - How to do self Havening;
05:47 - What happens in brain and body during Havening;
06:26 - How to contact Erika;
06:45 - What you experience during a Havening session;
07:51 - Kinds of conditions that respond to Havening;
10:00 - Other techniques Erika uses including EFT;
11:38 - How Erika decides which modality to use;
12:55 - How Erika went from Harvard to law school, to social work;
13:15 - Why Erika gave up law for social work;
14:00 - How to learn Havening;
15:58 - Final thoughts about why Havening is so effective.

Technical information:

Original video recording done with Zoom. Audio processed using Audacity, Twisted Wave, and Hindenburg Journalist Pro.

Microphone: EV RE320.


Havening, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Erika Neil, trauma, PTSD, panic, grief,
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