How to Combine Hoʻoponopono With EFT
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Carol Wiggins has used Ho’oponopono and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help hundreds of women and children navigate the challenging waters of abuse recovery.

In this live conversation, you’ll learn how she combines both methods to help abuse survivors and other clients create new, empowering lives and how you can do the same.

What You Learn:

- What Ho'oponopono is;
- How and when to apply Ho'oponopono;
- How to combine Ho'oponopono with EFT.

The Four Phrases in the Order Carol Uses Them (note, the order can vary depending on personal preference):

1. "I love you.;
2. "Please forgive me."
3. "Thank you."
4. "I'm sorry."

Carol explains exactly how to use these phrases during our conversation.

Note: This audio recording is from a livestream video event broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. To watch the video version of this event, go to:

Tapping Points When Combining Both Methods:

While not specifically mentioned in this audio version, when Carol talks about clients tapping while saying the Ho'oponopono phrases, the tapping points are:

- Eyebrow point;
- Side of eye;
- Under eye;
- Collarbone point.

Who is Carol Wiggins and How is She Qualified to Talk on This Topic?

Carol earned an Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certificate and studied with Dr. Joe Vitale with guest instruction by Dr. Hew Len and Matthew Dixon. She earned an Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification through the Guild of Energists and completed Pastoral Counseling certification along with other training.

Carol's Contact Information:

- Website:

- Facebook:…​

- Email:

Host: Stephen Carter, CEO Stress Solutions, LLC.
Other podcast: Energy Healing Podcast - Find where you get your podcasts.

Technical Information:

Original video and audio recording done using the StreamYard livestreaming application.

Mic: EV RE320.

Processing DAWs:

Twisted Wave and Hindenburg Journalist Pro.

Key words:

Ho'oponopono, Hew Len, Joe Vitale, EFT, Emotional Freedom, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Carol Wiggins, forgiveness, Stress Solutions, Stephen Carter, domestic abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner violence,
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