2 Big Reasons People Don’t Tap and the CPR Solution
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“2 Big Reasons People Don’t Tap and the CPR Solution” - “EFT Tapping Junction” Podcast - Episode 6

In this episode of EFT Tapping Junction, you are going to learn the two biggest blocks stopping people from tapping and a simple, effective, easy to remember tapping protocol that dissolves those blocks called, Center Point Release, or CPR.

Stephen Carter here and I'm your host for EFT Tapping junction. I’m also the CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to helping clients release stress and achieve success in every area of life.

This show is for you if you’re an EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, practitioner or you use other tapping methods such as Thought Field Therapy, Trauma Tapping Technique, Positive EFT, or other Meridian Tapping methods for self-care. This show is also for you if you’e a therapist or coach helping clients with Energy Psychology methods.

You can more about Stress Solutions, LLC and my certifications and client work at my company website, www.EFT-MD.com.

A question: What are the two major blocks to consistent tapping? First, clients tell me, “Steve, I just don’t know what to say when I tap. It’s easy when I’m tapping with you, but when I’m on my own the words don’t flow”. The second block I hear is, “Steve, I just can’t remember the tapping points. If I’m driving or at work, I can’t look at the diagram of tapping points. When I’m stressed, I can’t remember where I’m suppose to tap”.

To solve both problems, I created a simple, easy to remember, and effective tapping protocol called Center Point Release or CPR.

Let’s begin with the wording.

The setup and reminder phrase are the same. With CPR, we categorize every issue as a Stress Response. Fear of speaking with your boss becomes, “This stress”. Your conscious and subconscious mind know exactly what your tapping for. Yes, you could use a classic setup statement such as, “Even though I’m afraid of speaking with my boss, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

A simpler setup statement as a target could be, “The stress I experience when I speak with my boss”. That’s a factual statement that can be shortened to, “This stress”. Why? Because you already have a pictures or movie in mind that is creating the fear sensations in your body. By saying, “This stress”, you're giving voice to your emotional state of mind.

With CPR, we add four words to form a short affirmation. Those words are, “I choose to release”. Your full setup statement becomes, “I choose to release this stress”.

That’s it. That’s the entire setup. “I choose to release this stress”.

Remember, your mind knows what you’re tapping for. Keep it simple unless you’re comfortable using longer setup statements and reminder phrases.

Now for the tapping points and CPR process.

* Begin with a yawn, sigh, and stretch.
* Place hands over heart. Left hand on right or right hand on left is fine.
* Allow 3 slow, comfortable breaths.
* Say out loud or - if your situation requires - in mind, “I choose to release this stress.
* Allow 3 more comfortable slow breaths with awareness on the physical connection of your hands to heart.
* Apply 6 - 8 taps at each of the following points using 3 or 4 fingertips of one hand. Hold and breathe at each point before moving to the next point. The points in order are:
* Crown;
* Middle forehead (3rd eye);
* Under nose;
* Under lower lip;
* Across upper chest shoulder to shoulder and up and down your sternum for about 15 to 20 taps;
* Return to hands over heart position, allow 3 comfortable breaths, and say, “Release and peace”.
* End with another yawn, sigh, and stretch

Reassess your SUDs estimate. If any charge on the issue you’re tapping for remains repeat the process a second time.

I’ve taught this simple CPR technique to hundreds of clients and they love the simplicity and effectiveness of the method.

There’s a 1-page CPR instruction sheet waiting for you. To get the 1-page guide, email me at CarterMethod@gmail.com and I’ll send that CPR instruction sheet to you right away. You can also check the show notes where I have the CPR protocol laid out step-by-step.

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Until our next visit, this is your host Stephen Carter, CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC asking you to tap into joyful living one tap at a time.

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