#008 Are your values a pathway or a poster? — Richard Mulholland
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Richard Mulholland — Missing Link | CEO Why some companies (and leaders) thrive in a crisis, and why many don't Why do some companies thrive in a crisis, and others fail? Why does uncertainty bring the best out of some leaders, and leave others completely ineffective? In this episode of the One-Eyed Man I talk to global speaker, serial entrepreneur and all round smart dude Richard Mulholland about what you do (as a leader, especially in business) when you don't know what to do. How do we, and how should we, make decisions in the midst of a crisis, or very uncertain circumstances? We talk about the importance of values, of core beliefs and behaviours, and about how to cultivate these in organisations. We explore the question of whether values are discovered, or created. We debate about whether values should be aspirational or not. Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE! And if you're feeling very generous, perhaps rate the podcast on your local platform. And thanks again for listening. A link to Richard Mulholland's website and many projects.
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