Shotgun Story
Shotgun Story
Jan 23, 2023
#043 Just be you | Lizzie Gaisford
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You're not doing anybody any favours trying to be somebody you're not.

Lizzy Lou Gaisford is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the band the Fishwives. She's also an ecologist with a particular passion for frogs.

We sat down for a chat in a rainy room in Eshowe mid-COVID some years ago. I FINALLY got around to listening to it. And much like every episode so far, it's come at a time when I needed to hear this conversation.

Maybe you do too?

We talk about making music as a coping mechanism, songwriting from a South African perspective, the desire to delete social media, the power of covering other people's songs, and how not doing music full-time doesn't need to change your identity as a musician.

"You play the songs that people love and that mean things to them and then you're doing your job. That's the archetypal purpose." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives)

"I have done lots of strange work for money and it's never affected my sense of self. I'm lucky. You can whore yourself out doing spreadsheets, but because I'm a musician, I can then stay up all night writing a song." - Lizzie Lou Gaisford (Fishwives)

The Fishwives very recently released a new album and it's SO GOOD. Follow the links to listen to it.

'Leadwood and the Lion' by Fishwives Fishwives Facebook
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