Steve Springett — OWASP Dependency Track — 5 Minute AppSec
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The question is for Steve Springett, in regards to Software Composition Analysis / Software Supply Chain and OWASP Dependency Track.

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The Azure Podcast
The Azure Podcast
Sujit D'Mello
Episode 351 - Azure Spring Cloud
Principal Program Manager for all things Java on Azure, Asir Selvasingh, introduces us to the new Azure Spring Cloud. He gives us a primer on the Spring ecosystem, explains why Microsoft created this new Azure service and provides us with details on how the platform was architected for Azure to meet the needs of Enterprise customers. Media file: Resources: Get started -- * Deploy Spring apps to Azure Spring Cloud using quickstart * Learn using a self-paced workshop on GitHub * Deploy an existing app to Azure Spring Cloud * Learn more about implementing solutions on Azure Spring Cloud * Play YouTube videos and learn * Migrate your Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Tomcat apps to Azure Spring Cloud * Wire Spring apps to interact with Azure services. Info deck:   Other Updates : Introducing the Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter Solving IoT device security at scale through standards
Cyber Work
Cyber Work
Getting started and moving up in IT and security
George McPherson, host of the “Blak Cyber” podcast, has an impressive background in IT and information security. On today’s episode, he discusses his cybersecurity journey, talks about his mentors and inspiration, and shares advice for learning cybersecurity and moving up the career ladder. – Get your free security awareness toolkit:  – Enter code “cyberwork” to get 30 days of free training with Infosec Skills: – View transcripts and additional episodes: When George McPherson was pulled through the ranks and pinned as a 21-year-old Sergeant in the U.S. Army over 20 years ago, he learned two things about himself. He could accomplish anything he put his mind to, and he would always pull others up if he was in a position to do so. George prides himself on integrity, an insane work ethic, attention to detail and (his greatest super power) outside-the-box creativity. With 25 years in the technology industry, the first 18 in telecom and the last seven in cybersecurity, George has had the opportunity to work in industries such as the military, telecom, local government, healthcare and electric utility. About Infosec At Infosec, we believe knowledge is power when fighting cybercrime. We help IT and security professionals advance their careers with certifications and skills training. We also empower all employees with security awareness training to stay cybersafe at work and home. Driven by smart people wanting to do good, Infosec educates entire organizations to defend themselves from cybercrime. It’s what we do every day — equipping everyone with the latest security skills and confidence to be safe online. Learn more at
32 min
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast
Ben Stegink, Scott Hoag
Episode 201 – Planning Tasks in ToDo with Planner in Teams with My Tasks
In Episode 201, Ben and Scott talk through the release of the My Tasks app in Microsoft Teams and some new features coming to the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center. Sponsors ShareGate - ShareGate's industry-leading products help IT professionals worldwide migrate their business to the Office 365 or SharePoint, automate their Office 365 governance, and understand their Azure usage & costs Sperry Software – Powerful Outlook Add-ins developed to make your email life easy even if you’re too busy to manage your inbox - Providing admins the knowledge and tools to run Office 365 successfully Intelligink - We focus on the Microsoft Cloud so you can focus on your business Show Notes Elon Musk Is Hiding Tesla Price Cuts Behind a 69 Joke Tasks in Microsoft Teams is now generally available! Use the Tasks app in Teams See Planner tasks in Microsoft To Do Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact Support for Office 2010—and Office 2016 for Mac—has ended: Here’s what you need to know Office versions and connectivity to Office 365 services Now Available in Preview: Microsoft 365 Apps Admin center new inventory & monthly servicing feature Introducing new cloud-based admin capabilities to help you better service Microsoft 365 Apps New admin capabilities to modernize Office client servicing About the sponsors Every business will eventually have to move to the cloud and adapt to it. That’s a fact. ShareGate helps with that. Our industry-leading products help IT professionals worldwide migrate their business to the Office 365 or SharePoint, automate their Office 365 governance, and understand their Azure usage & costs. Visit to learn more. Sperry Software, Inc focuses primarily on Microsoft Outlook and more recently Microsoft Office 365, where a plethora of tools and plugins that work with email have been developed. These tools can be extended for almost any situation where email is involved, including automating workflows (e.g., automatically save emails as PDF or automatically archive emails that are over 30 days old), modifying potentially bad user behaviors (e.g., alert the user to suspected phishing emails or prompt the user if they are going to inadvertently reply to all), and increased email security (e.g., prompt the user with a customizable warning if they are about to send an email outside the organization). Get started today by visiting Intelligink utilizes their skill and passion for the Microsoft cloud to empower their customers with the freedom to focus on their core business. They partner with them to implement and administer their cloud technology deployments and solutions. Visit for more info.
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