Keep Giving Thanks!
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Daniel gave thanks both early in life and near the end of his days. Don't let circumstances make you cynical and difficulties rob you of your praise. From start to finish - keep giving thanks!

Daily Reformation
Daily Reformation
Jason Barefoot
#169 - Theology Q&A with Nick from Christ is the Cure & Paul from Peals of Thunder
This week Jason is joined by two good friends and fellow podcasters Nick Campbell & Paul Tkaczuk to answer your theology questions on everything from evangelism to the enneagram. Enjoy! Christ is the Cure podcast and website: Peals of Thunder podcast: Below is a list of all the questions addressed in the episode: -If once saved always saved, what do you think of Ravi Zacharias? Was he saved if he was living in habitual sin? -Could you explain Matthew 7:1-2 “judge not..”? -Thoughts on Enneagram? Is it cultist? Should Christians associate with it? -What is your view on images depicting Christ in movies painting, etc? Is this acceptable or does it violate the 2nd commandment? -Propitiation and expiation - how are they connected, or are they not connected at all? -How do I present the Gospel to unbelievers? -How is God just in predestination? -Can you lose your salvation? Or if you fall away did you ever really have it? -What’s your view on communion? -What does the Bible say about self-love? -What is a theologically sound answer to the claim that God created evil and is therefore evil? If God is infinitely holy should that not eliminate the capability of sin originating? How to simply answer the problem of evil? -Would you say belief in the trinity is an essential Christian doctrine? Why/why not? Is it wrong to have fellowship with someone who denies trinity -Are all sins equal? -After preaching the gospel according to the Bible what is left for the sinner to do? -The relationship between imputed righteousness and Christ’s active obedience? -Is heaven a physical place (a renewed earth when Jesus arrives)?
1 hr 29 min
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