The Grand Secrets of Success | Self-Reliance
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Listen to episode 520 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Grand Secrets of Success | Self-Reliance. Edited and adapted from The Grand Secrets of Success, compiled by The Toronto News Company.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There are different ways of getting on in the world. It does not always mean making money, or being a great individual for people to look up to. Leaving off a bad habit for a good one is getting on in the world; to be clean and tidy instead of dirty and disorderly is getting on; to be careful and saving instead of thoughtless and wasteful is getting on; to be active and industrious, instead of idle and lazy is getting on; to be kind and forbearing, instead of ill-natured and quarrelsome, is getting on; to work as diligently in the boss's absence as in their presence is getting on.

In short, when we see anyone properly attentive to their duties, persevering through difficulties, to gain such knowledge as shall be of use to themselves and others, offering a good example to their acquaintances, we may be sure that they are getting on in the world.

Those who wish to get on in the world must have a stock of patience and perseverance, of hopeful confidence — a willingness to learn, and a disposition not easily cast down by difficulties and disappointments.

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The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor
The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor
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Ep. 351: Building Resilience Through Exercise with Mallika Parekh
On the second episode with Mallika Parekh, Owner of Physique 57, Ashdin and Mallika talk about rock bottoms, how they are times of tremendous growth, what rock bottoms mean for Mallika, the kind of thoughts that one goes through in a rock bottom, not having any answers but just a lot of questions, what one can do to get out of rock bottoms, the importance of patience and taking small steps in the direction of recovery, why you shouldn't do dramatic things when going through such times, what Mallika's own rock bottom was like, realising she was in a failed marriage, how she managed to pull herself out of it and the steps she took at the time to deal with it, how working out and having a routine helped her tremendously during that time, how it can be helpful to find something physical in nature at times when we go through difficult moments in our lives, the need to take action and to find out how we can take that action, and lots more. Tune in for an extremely powerful episode. Follow Physique 57 India on Instagram: Or check out their website: Check out the Awesome180 Habit Coach app: You can follow Ashdin Doctor on Instagram @ashdindoc ( ) Check out Ashdin's website - Awesome180 ( ) Youtube Channel - The Habit Coach - Awesome180 ( ) You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.
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