Hrish Lotlikar, "The Superworld of NFTs"
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Hrish Lotlikar is a living example of a successful digital nomad Entrepreneur. A former Investment Banker turned VC, turned Tech, Blockchain and Crypto Entrepreneur. Besides covering Hrish's amazing career we take a very close look at his latest venture "Superworld", the relevance to sports and the connection to NFTs, the currently hottest trend in the Crypto and sports, music, arts IP (Intellectual Property) world. 


Key Highlights

  1. From High school to Navy Reserved Officer and Surgical Technician removing eyes 
  2. Pursuing Triple Degree (MBA, MPH, MD) in graduate school then taking him into Management Consulting and Investment Banking and his first Entrepreneurial exploit creating "The Wall Street Program", teaching how to get a Wall Street job.
  3. Next stop Venture Capital (VC), bio-tech and other tech companies with "world changing ideas" 
  4. From New York City (after the crash in 2008/09), traveling across Eastern Europe for 1.5 yrs. Great story on how to start a seed stage VC Fund in Ukraine with Victor Pinchuk (Ukrainian Billionaire) and tech accelerator in Belarus. 
  5. Early employee, Senior Business Developer/Global Evangelist of Toptal, Andreessen Horowitz backed venture
  6. Rogue Initiative Studios, LA based entertainment studio leveraging the latest in tech, VR, AR with Hollywood IP and partnered with Hollywood director Michael Bay
  7. - virtual world in augmented reality mapped onto the real world, with 64 billion virtual real estate blocks (NFTs) on Blockchain which can be purchased
  8. Superworld is Pokémon Go meets Foursquare meet Monopoly
  9. Connecting Superworlds to the Sports & Entertainment space, from Venues to activities in the virtual world 
  10. Still a few steps required to buy a block right now, thru your Ether wallet. Getting easier soon. 
  11. NFT market place coming soon, platform to create NFT for any IP, sports, music, art, etc linked to augmented reality to showcase the NFT 
  12. Exploring Online to offline (O2O) opportunities. Real Estate developers are exploring this space. 
  13. Bringing Sports IP into the virtual world. 
  14. NFT (Non Fungible Token) - basics explained
  15. NBA Top Shots (not Hot Shots 😂) discussion and how it connects to Superworld's NFT market place. Creating digital assets out of content, experiences, unique moments 
  16. NFT Salon vertically integrated into Superworld, music, art, architecture - Mars House example 
  17. Long tail of NFT content to put these NFTs into the "virtual world" of Superworld 
  18. Working across other platforms like Open Sea 
  19. Contact for on boarding and other questions 
  20. ERC721 is the standard for NFTs, on the Ethereum Blockchain 
  21. Digital Assets (NFTs) can be programed to create earnings for artists in perpetuity (on future sales transactional and value creation). A whole new way of monetization for IP.
  22. Launch of Superworlds NFT Salon in early April: Contact Innercircle@superworldapp.comfor IP owners. for NFT Collectors 


About Hrish Lotlikar

Hrish Lotlikar is a Co-founder and CEO at SuperWorld. Previously, he co-founded Rogue Initiative Studios, a Hollywood film, TV, gaming, and immersive entertainment studio. He was also the founding Managing Partner of Eastlabs, an early-stage VC fund based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Previously, Hrish was a Senior Business Developer and Global Evangelist at Toptal (backed by Andreessen Horowitz, the Rockefellers & the co-founders of Facebook and Zynga), a venture capital investor at Spencer Trask Ventures, and an investment banker at both UBS Investment Bank and HSBCSecurities, where he specialized in public finance, corporate finance and M&A. He also was an Associate in the Global Business Development Group at management consulting firm Hewitt Associates.

Hrish was born in India and grew up in the United States. He also has spent many years living around the world in Europe, Asia and South America. He has a close connection to the people and cultures in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Spain, France, Vietnam, China, Colombia, Bali and Thailand.

Hrish holds a BA in Political Science from Rice University and both an MBA and MPH from University of Illinois at Chicago. In his free time he enjoys working out, fashion photography and traveling the world.


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