Aug 28, 2021
Is Your Arm a Yard Long?
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Ep.51 - Is Your Arm a Yard Long?

Tim and Kyle start a conversation about podcast metrics and discover 10 ways to measure ways to gauge your success.


Episode at a Glance
  • Tim has been researching metrics that matter and compares that to the size of a ship's sail (hanging from the yardarm)
  • Tim and Kyle explore each of these metrics and find examples of what each one could mean in real life.
  • Kyle goes on a tangent about starting a Voice Over Acting portfolio
  • Kyle and Tim give a shout out to Jodi Krangle from Voice Overs and Vocals (voiceoversandvocals.com)
Big Thoughts from this Episode

"How does this [information] help Cliff?" -- Timothy Kimo Brien "You cannot measure a podcast you never start." -- Kyle M. Bondo

Podcast Metrics That Might Matter to You
  • Total Download numbers
  • Times you've been emailed by your audience
  • Times you've been sought out by your audience in real life
  • Times you've been recognized by your podcast peers
  • Amount of money made from your podcast
  • Number of audience members that use your promo codes
  • Number of audience members that click on your special links
  • Number of audience members that leave a rating and review
  • Times you've been asked to speak at a conference
  • Times you've had your voice recognized in public
Friend of the Show
  • Jodi Krangle (Voice Actor) -- From Disney to Depend and beachside resorts to little blue pills, Jodi has just about done it all! (The voiceover work, that is). She truly loves what she does, and what she does is make your job as easy as possible. Want to know more? Visit her at Voice Overs and Vocals DOT COM.
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