Victor's Children
Victor's Children
Sep 16, 2023
Episode 33: Chinese Imperialism
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Episode 33: Chinese Imperialism

Episode 31 of this podcast looked at the imperialism of the US, which despite its relative decline is still the most powerful component of global capitalism. In this episode Kevin Lin and Ashley Smith look at the rise of China and US-China rivalry.

Suggestions for Reading:

Ashley Smith, "As US-China Tensions Mount, We Must Resist the Push Toward Interimperialist War"

Todd Gordon and Jeff Webber, "Complex Stratification in the World System: Capitalist Totality and Geopolitical Fragmentation" in the academic journal, Science and Society(unfortunately paywalled but the file may be findable elsewhere online), isn't an easy read but suggests a better way of understanding imperialism today than the more influential frameworks.

Is BRICS+ an Anti-Colonial Formation Worth Cheering From the Left? Far From It.

Taiwan Shouldn't Be Used As A Geopolitical Pawn

Lausan Collective

New Bloom Magazine -- Radical Perspectives On Taiwan And The Asia Pacific
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