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Oct 8, 2020
Ep.11 – African-American healthcare with former Army combat medic Daryl Traylor (Nursing PhD)
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In this episode, I speak with Daryl Traylor, a former combat medic who’s now a PhD candidate in Nursing. We talk about his experience in the Army, being a non-traditional student, and African-American healthcare in the US. Daryl is a man with a big heart and passion for learning! Join Julie’s World for additional content! Go to

  • Why study Nursing? (0:00:37)
  • How does funding work for his PhD program? (0:02:05)
  • “Non-traditional student” (0:02:39)
  • Why did Daryl join the military? (0:04:48)
  • Serving in the Gulf War (0:06:56)
  • “Tribes”, or the bond between troops (0:08:11)
  • Daryl’s Dad was a Pharmacist (0:12:00)
  • His high school Biology teacher was a great mentor (0:13:58)
  • Daryl’s Dad is a living example of evolving as a person (0:15:44)
  • “People are just people” (0:17:10)
  • Derek Anderson: living as a gay, black man in Detroit (0:18:10)
  • African-American healthcare in the US (0:21:11)
  • Medical textbooks rarely include PoC images (0:24:58)
  • Is Daryl’s research personal? (0:27:50)
  • Prescribing practices for African-Americans in the US (0:30:33)
  • What is “PreP”? (0:31:40)
  • When will Daryl complete his PhD? (0:34:53)
  • Assessing HIV stigma and knowledge (0:36:22)
  • Daryl’s wife is also an academic (0:39:00)
  • Smoothies! (0:39:53)
  • Daryl’s wife plays a big role in his education (0:41:13)
  • Why medical school? (0:42:30)
  • Prescription drug addiction (0:44:47)
  • Daryl wants to do primary care (0:46:20)
  • Life during a pandemic (0:47:35)
  • Living in Texas (0:49:14)
  • What does it take to be a good teacher? (0:50:37)
  • Advice to young people (0:53:57)
  • Potentially writing a book? (0:56:02)

Daryl Traylor on Twitter: Daryl Traylor on ResearchGate:

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