Planet B612
Planet B612
Oct 13, 2020
Ep.12 – Lakes, microscopic life, and climate change with Dr. Stephen Thackeray (Freshwater Ecologist)
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In this episode, I speak with Dr. Stephen Thackeray, a Freshwater Ecologist in the UK. We learn a lot about plankton, invasive species, we talk climate change and warming. And then, we learn that Steve has an artistic side, too! Join Julie’s World for additional content! Go to

  • Many ecologists don’t use their “Dr” title. (0:00:24)
  • Dr. Thackeray’s work as a freshwater ecologist (0:01:28)
  • The kinds of tools to use to observe life in lakes (0:03:41)
  • What are Plankton? (0:08:00)
  • What are bacterial plankton? (0:09:35)
  • The role of plankton. (0:10:49)
  • What causes algal blooms? (0:12:44)
  • Nutrients for growth of organisms (0:15:18)
  • Can you grow algae at home? (0:16:03)
  • Invasive species in lakes (0:16:40)
  • Light penetration in lakes (0:22:56)
  • Diseases in lakes (0:25:12)
  • Steve’s favourite creature (0:26:07)
  • How Steve got interested in wildlife (0:28:06)
  • Communicating science to the public (0:29:33)
  • Tardigrades in lakes? (0:34:26)
  • Steve’s research and what it tells us about climate change.(0:35:42)
  • What causes warming? (0:39:23)
  • How to deal with the denial of science? (0:40:17)
  • What does Dr Thackeray do for fun? (0:41:43)
  • Decisions to make after a PhD. (0:46:46)
  • Looking forward to life after the pandemic. (0:50:53)

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