Planet B612
Planet B612
Dec 31, 2021
Ep.55 – Predator Management with Petros Chrysafis
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Show Notes

In this episode, we talk all about predators of North America! What’s the best way to manage predators in a world where humans encroach more and more into their territory? What’s the best way to deter them? Petros Chrysafis joins me to talk about this fascinating topic!

  • (0:00:30) Central Valley and living in California. 
  • (0:01:38) Wildlife in California and North American animals.
  • (0:02:52) Marine Biology and Zoology: The journey to a career.
  • (0:05:50) Social vs solitary predators.
  • (0:07:02) Lynx and bears.
  • (0:08:22) Grizzlies and Elk: California's wetlands of the past.
  • (0:10:09) Wild pigs in California: Feral pigs and wild boar.
  • (0:12:35) Culling pigs in California: Pig tags and permits.
  • (0:13:47) The pig problem: No specialized predators in North America.
  • (0:15:03) Eating wild boar and pigs.
  • (0:17:02) Why work as an independent Predator Specialist?
  • (0:19:30) Working with ranches: Trust and science.
  • (0:21:41) Guardian dogs: Costly but effective.
  • (0:22:38) Emus, llamas and alpacas: A good canine deterrent.
  • (0:24:00) Livestock predation: Factors and methods.
  • (0:25:12) How the process works.
  • (0:28:40) Coyotes: Should homeowners be worried? And what to do.
  • (0:30:49) Electric deterrents: Almost foolproof.
  • (0:32:59) Our fear of predators and how to manage it. 
  • (0:35:47) Wanting our woods to be wild.
  • (0:38:15) Our selective memory.
  • (0:39:56) Brown and Black bears vs Grizzly and Polar bears.
  • (0:42:19) DnD and role playing games.
  • (0:43:49) The many avenues of DnD: School programs and prisons.
  • (0:45:43) DnD: A wide spectrum of gaming and imagination
  • (0:47:20) DnD: Dealing with death and expanding the creative process.

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