Planet B612
Planet B612
Jun 22, 2021
Ep.47 – Parasites with Jimmy Bernot
Play • 58 min

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the world of parasitic copepods! We’ll also talk about Jimmy’s decision to be infected with 50 hookworms in the name of science!

  • (0:00:49) Working at the Natural History Museum: Parasitic Copepods. 
  • (0:02:24) How do you tell if a copepod is parasitic?
  • (0:04:28) What parasitic copepods live on.
  • (0:05:34) Once a host is infected, is it still edible?
  • (0:06:50) How to find a parasitic copepod on a specimen. 
  • (0:07:39) Rock bass and the parasites that live on them: Trematodes.
  • (0:09:55) White spots on fish.
  • (0:10:26) Parasitic copepods in the ocean.
  • (0:11:44) Copepods and parasitic copepods on corals.
  • (0:13:48) Studying parasitic copepods: Where all the data comes from.
  • (0:15:19) The coolest copepods: Marine invertebrates and sea squirts. 
  • (0:18:01) Notodelphyidae and the search for photos.
  • (0:19:58) The World Association of Copepodologists.
  • (0:21:54) Parasitic copepods and climate change.
  • (0:23:31) Evolving parasites: The generalist and the specialist.
  • (0:24:56) The early life cycle of a parasitic copepod.
  • (0:27:01) The mating process of parasitic copepods.
  • (0:28:38) The journey to studying parasitic copepods: Dr.Janine Caira and tapeworms.
  • (0:31:23) The captivating process and longevity of sample preparation.
  • (0:33:32) The study of parasites and how it changes how we see the world.
  • (0:36:25) The dramatic and diverse microscopic world.
  • (0:39:59) Planarians.
  • (0:42:52) Jumping to the study of copepods: A fascination about evolution.
  • (0:46:00) The problems with parasitic nematodes and our health.
  • (0:48:06) Developing a vaccine for hookworms: A challenge study.
  • (0:49:31) Being infected with 50 hookworms.
  • (0:52:00) Hookworm secretions and seasonal allergies.
  • (0:53:59) Weightlifting, volleyball and a love of reading.
  • (0:54:57) The Left Hand of Darkness: Ahead of its time.

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