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Planet B612
Dec 31, 2021
Ep.57 – Service Design with Tania Levy
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Show Notes

Tania is a public servant who’s also a working artist. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to be an artist with a job. We also deep dive into design strategy, including design thinking, user research, and service design.

  • (0:02:28) Artists in the office: The challenges and value.
  • (0:03:50) Receiving flak: The art world vs the corporate world.
  • (0:05:42) Finding time for art: Using your leave and dispelling the myths.
  • (0:07:58) Modifying work hours in the public sector.
  • (0:10:20) The demise of the 'Working class artist': The risks of a lack of diversity.
  • (0:14:21) Plays about public service and how working within affects the art. 
  • (0:18:14) Working inside a framework: How it benefits creativity.
  • (0:19:56) Being bilingual in Ottawa and the journey to public service. 
  • (0:22:14) What a contact center does and the concept of service.
  • (0:24:07) Design Thinking: Improving service and user experience.
  • (0:26:45) Change Management and Design Thinking's link to theater training.
  • (0:29:00) Transferable skills: How they can be beneficial on both sides.
  • (0:30:59) MIT lectures and marketing mishaps: Why the end user is essential.
  • (0:33:42) Convincing people that end users matter: User research and feedback.
  • (0:37:30) Evidence based decision making and empathy.
  • (0:38:08) A captive audience: Believing people want to do better.
  • (0:41:17) Agile methodologies and development in the public sector.
  • (0:42:43) Service design: What it is and why it is important.
  • (0:44:57) AI, Machine Learning and Omnichannel Service Delivery.
  • (0:47:31) Acronyms, buzzwords and the move to Plain Language use.
  • (0:50:01) Plain Language: The benefits of making sure everyone understands.
  • (0:52:41) Gaming: Faster thinking and strengthening focus.
  • (0:55:08) Fortnite, MMO games and griefers.
  • (0:56:40) Keeping up with the kids and esports.

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