Planet B612
Planet B612
Jul 27, 2021
Ep.51 – Tardigrades with Dr. Frank Smith
Play • 57 min

How did Tardigrades evolve? Where can we find them? Are there Tardigrades in Space? All this, and more, with Biologist Dr. Frank Smith!

  • (0:00:55) Tardigrades in concrete.
  • (0:01:35) Finding tardigrades: Moss, leaf litter and lichens.
  • (0:02:50) Marine tardigrades: The contraption and process for collection.
  • (0:05:54) Cryptobiosis and marine tardigrades.
  • (0:06:53) The study of land tardigrades vs marine tardigrades.
  • (0:08:16) Studying the diversity of tardigrades: The tardigrade meeting.
  • (0:09:16) Tardigrades in concrete: A lack of literature and study.
  • (0:09:55) Reinhart Christensen: Echiniscus Bigranualatist.
  • (0:12:01) Solving mysteries that pre-date the fossil record.
  • (0:13:33) Tardigrade fossils.
  • (0:16:11) Evolution of tardigrades: A big discovery.
  • (0:20:13) Arthropods vs Tardigrades: Does the trunk make a difference?
  • (0:21:53) Tardigrade's hind legs: Do they serve a purpose?
  • (0:24:25) Tardigrades: An entire diverse phylum.
  • (0:25:21) Do all tardigrades have eight legs and why did they develop this way?
  • (0:29:39) Losing the ability to evolve: Is that why tardigrades are so tough?
  • (0:32:06) Tardigrades vs Rotifers: Comparative studies.
  • (0:32:55) Simplicity can be better: Losing body parts in evolution.
  • (0:34:40) Tardigrade guts and how they work and eat.
  • (0:37:52) The evolution of a tardigrade's guts: Comparisons to other animals.
  • (0:41:40) Mapping the tardigrade genome.
  • (0:43:24) Editing the genomes in tardigrades: Is it possible?
  • (0:45:09) Tardigrades in space.
  • (0:47:34) Tardigrades on the moon: The experiment.
  • (0:48:33) A new puppy, dog parks and the DNA test.
  • (0:50:11) NBA playoffs, basketball and music.
  • (0:51:20) The similarities between artists and scientists.
  • (0:54:45) Tardigrade society meetings.

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