Planet B612
Planet B612
Dec 22, 2020
Ep.24 – Massage Therapy with Jules Poulin
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In this episode, I speak with Jules Poulin, owner of From the Neck Up. Jules has developed a unique massage therapy practice that focuses on the head, neck, jaw and mouth of patients. Jules has also innovated a new way for patients and massage therapists to communicate using hand signals!

  • Introduction and background (0:00:30)
  • From the Neck Up - the only of its kind in the world (0:01:50)
  • RMTs aren’t allowed to use the word “Specialist” in Ontario (0:03:35)
  • Creating a patient-focused business (0:05:45)
  • What is TMJD? (0:10:30)
  • How does Jules approach a new patient? (0:12:38)
  • Staying on top of new research (0:14:30)
  • The desire to work with scientists for research (0:15:55)
  • Massaging the tongue (0:19:17)
  • Helping with dysphagia (0:22:14)
  • Has Jules ever been bitten by a patient? (0:23:18)
  • Why communication is so important in manual therapy (0:25:07)
  • Lack of proper communication with RMTs (0:28:00)
  • Should massage therapy be covered by the government? (0:31:14)
  • Differences in massage therapy practices per province/state. (0:32:40)
  • Plans for expansion? (0:33:50)
  • Self-care tips for performers (0:38:00)
  • Stress-related pain (0:39:20)
  • How Jules relaxes (0:40:45)
  • Jules has a huge record collection (0:41:39)
  • Music in the clinic (0:43:19)
  • Being a maverick (0:44:58)
  • The support of colleagues in the industry (0:47:10)
  • Top three challenges as an entrepreneur (49:18)
  • Advice for success: know your strengths (0:53:00)

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