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Planet B612
Apr 6, 2021
Ep.37 – Canadian Blacksmithing with Lynndon Novak
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In this episode, I interview Canadian Blacksmith, Lynndon Novak. Lynndon lives and works out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He’s a welder, and an artistic blacksmith. We discuss what it takes to be a blacksmith, how to create a cheap forge, how artisans are doing in Canada, and why permanence in art is a beautiful thing.

  • (0:01:05)  Canadian Blacksmiths and Bladesmiths group 
  • (0:01:46)  Growing up in Manitoba
  • (0:02:30)  The World of Trades 
  • (0:03:25)  The School for Welding
  • (0:04:05)  Leaving Tech and entering welding
  • (0:05:47)  The many facets of welding and metalworking
  • (0:06:35)  Working at New Flyer bus manufacturer
  • (0:08:15)  Learning about welding 
  • (0:09:00)  Winnipeg South Tech Welding Program and  choosing the right school and program for you
  • (0:10:35)  The Abstract Blacksmith 
  • (0:11:48)  You don't need to be a big dude to be a blacksmith - Kv Artist Blacksmith
  • (0:13:43)  GS Tongs
  • (0:14:35)  Building your own tools - Lynndon's tools and workshop
  • (0:17:30)  Lynndon’s journey in blacksmithing
  • (0:18:45)  Cloverdale Forge and Matt Jenkins
  • (0:20:00)  Making a starter forge without breaking the bank
  • (0:23:30)  Stepping up your game - Building a more professional forge 
  • (0:25:58)  Fire hazards and safety awareness of building and running your own forge
  • (0:27:40)  Building my brick propane forge
  • (0:28:30)  Firebricks!
  • (0:29:55)  Being a master of heat - the blacksmith wizard and metal magic
  • (0:30:40)  What metals do you work with? Different metals and their properties
  • (0:35:35)  Working with reclaimed steel
  • (0:36:00)  Wootz Bloomery - the origins and history of damascus steel vs todays patterned damascus steel 
  • (0:38:50)  Acid washing and the creation of patterns 
  • (0:40:35)  Swords and knives 
  • (0:42:58)  The dream of permanence in art
  • (0:44:52)  The appreciation of artistic metalwork in Canada
  • (0:48:30)  Building a better marketplace
  • (0:49:30)  Manitoba Blacksmiths Guild and upcoming events
  • (0:52:38)  Lego! Lego! Lego!
  • (0:56:49)  Smithlist 

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