Hear This Idea
Hear This Idea
Feb 1, 2022
#41 – Michael Bhaskar on Big Ideas and the Great Stagnation

Michael Bhaskar is a writer, researcher and publisher. He is a former consultant Writer in Residence at DeepMind, and most recently he wrote a book called Human Frontiers, which tries to answer the question: “why has the flow of big, world-changing ideas slowed down?”

In our conversation, we discuss —

  • The 'Adams curve'
  • How so much of the modern world was invented in exceptional 20th century research institutes such as Bell Labs and Xerox PARC
  • Evidence for slowdown in new ideas from analysing the patent record
  • Whether scientific progress is limitless, or whether there are things we'll never be able to know
  • Whether 'big ideas' are also slowing in the arts
  • Reasons for optimism about progress in big ideas, especially from advanced AI

You can read more about the topics we cover in this episode's write-up: hearthisidea.com/episodes/michael/.

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