Hear This Idea
Hear This Idea
Dec 20, 2020
#20 – Leah Edgerton and Manja Gärtner on Animal Charity Evaluation

Leah Edgerton and Manja Gärtner are respectively the Executive Director and a Senior Researcher at Animal Charity Evaluators — a non-profit whose mission is to find and promote the most effective ways to help animals.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [00:05:27] Why care about Effective Animal Advocacy?
  • [00:09:09] Cognitive dissonance and the meat paradox
  • [00:13:46] What does ACE do?
  • [00:21:10] Measuring effectiveness and doing research
  • [00:30:54] Value of information and capacity building
  • [00:38:37] Working with NGOs
  • [00:48:02] How Animal Advocacy has changed
  • [00:51:14] Hopes for the future
  • [01:00:23] Closing questions

You can read much more on these topics in our accompanying write-up: https://hearthisidea.com/episodes/ace. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future guests, please get in touch through our website. Please also consider leaving us a review wherever you're listening to this. If you want to support the show more directly and help us keep hosting these episodes online, consider leaving a tip. Thanks for listening!

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