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Hear This Idea
Sep 20, 2023
#70 – Liv Boeree on Healthy vs Unhealthy Competition
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Liv Boeree is a former poker champion turned science communicator and podcaster, with a background in astrophysics. In 2014, she founded the nonprofit Raising for Effective Giving, which has raised more than $14 million for effective charities. Before retiring from professional poker in 2019, Liv was the Female Player of the Year for three years running. Currently she hosts the Win-Win podcast (you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy this podcast).

You can see more links and a full transcript at hearthisidea.com/episodes/boeree.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Is the ‘poker mindset’ valuable? Is it learnable?
  • How and why to bet on your beliefs — and whether there are outcomes you shouldn’t make bets on
  • Would cities be better without public advertisements?
  • What is Moloch, and why is it a useful abstraction?
  • How do we escape multipolar traps?
  • Why might advanced AI (not) act like profit-seeking companies?
  • What’s so important about complexity? What is complexity, for that matter?

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