Hear This Idea
Hear This Idea
Jun 7, 2023
#64 – Michael Aird on Strategies for Reducing AI Existential Risk
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Michael Aird is a senior research manager at Rethink Priorities, where he co-leads the Artificial Intelligence Governance and Strategy team alongside Amanda El-Dakhakhni. Before that, he conducted nuclear risk research for Rethink Priorities and longtermist macrostrategy research for Convergence Analysis, the Center on Long-Term Risk, and the Future of Humanity Institute, which is where we know each other from. Before that, he was a teacher and a stand up comedian. He previously spoke to us about impact-driven research on Episode 52.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The basic case for working on existential risk from AI
  • How to begin figuring out what to do to reduce the risks
  • Threat models for the risks of advanced AI
  • 'Theories of victory' for how the world mitigates the risks
  • 'Intermediate goals' in AI governance
  • What useful (and less useful) research looks like for reducing AI x-risk
  • Practical advice for usefully contributing to efforts to reduce existential risk from AI
  • Resources for getting started and finding job openings

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