Alpha Brew Podcast
Alpha Brew Podcast
May 19, 2020
Ep. 11 Unbroken Designs Incident w/Afrobrutality
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We felt the need to have a podcast episode for a few reasons:

correction There was a miscommunication where Riki DM'd Jen about the racial slur, and in fact it was someone else who confronted Jen. Jen responded and doubled down that she knew it was a derogatory term, and it was forwarded to Riki. The incident did occur.

  1. People are not even close to fully informed on the incident. They see a thumbnail for an apology video, or hear about it, and then tell everyone to calm down or stop the negativity over one mistake that was made. We outline that this is not one single incident. The owner of UBD made a racist comment, and then doubled down by confirming she knew it was derogatory when she was confronted. She confirms again she knew of such in the apology video, and then the next day on a livestream uses a different derogatory term. On top of all that, several more people have come out to share their experiences in how they have been bullied and stolen from by this owner.

  2. Evidence for what happened has been purposefully deleted and censored. There has also been doctored and fake evidence that needs to be brought to light, so that Jen is not accused of something she did not do or say.

  3. The community needs to be informed of everything that happened, so they can make their own decision on what to do. And it will not happen if everyone simply, "minds their own business" as some people have told us. If everyone just leaves it alone, it will be swept under the rug and people will never know.

  4. There needed to be an open, verbal discussion on how something like this occurs, where it comes from, what can come of it in the future, and the current status of the CrossFit community.

  5. We try to discuss possibilities in how Jen can possibly right this wrong. And we need to give her credit where it's due in actions she did take.

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