The Woman in White of Converse Hall
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The Woman in White of Converse Hall

This is Converse Hall, the oldest and most iconic building on Westminster’s campus. Converse was built in 1906, and subsequently destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in 1926. With such a long history, it’s no surprise that Converse has its fair share of ghost stories.

One of the most famous ghost stories at Westminster College is that of the Woman in White, who is believed to haunt Converse Hall. Westminster was once a popular wedding venue, and many couples exchanged vows on campus.

As the story goes, a young couple was on their way to Wendover, Nevada for their honeymoon celebration when tragedy struck: a drunk driver slammed into the newlyweds’ car, killing both the young bride and her new husband instantly.

It is believed that after her death, the bride’s spirit returned to the last place she felt happiness: Westminster College. The Woman in White took up residence in Converse Hall, and has haunted it ever since.

Throughout the years, reports of seeing the Woman in White have been common amongst students, faculty and staff alike. One night, a security guard making his rounds on the night shift was walking past Converse when every light in the building turned on at once. He went inside to investigate, turning off each light from the third floor down to the basement until the building was dark again. But when he exited the building and looked back, every light in Converse had turned back on by themselves.

Students returning to their residence halls late at night often look up to the beautiful clock face of Converse as they walk through the Commons. But sometimes, if they look closely, they’ll see a ghostly apparition in the highest windows as the Woman in White looks out over her beloved campus. Next time you’re walking by, take a look—when there’s a flash of white in a window out of the corner of your eye, you just may have seen her too.

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This production was made possible through the idea of Trey Hansen, class of 2016, and the research and journalism of Graham Kennedy, class of 2020, and Westminster’s student newspaper, The Forum.

Disclaimer: These tales of legends and spirits are just for fun!

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