E49 The Introvert's Guide To...Feeding Your Relationship
44 min

In this episode, Jess and Phil respond to a letter from a listener, and dive into how an introvert can feed their relationships, both with friends and partners.

Links in the episode: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/13-things-you-can-make-introvert-feel-loved.html

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Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration
Kino MacGregor
#37: Yoga and the Two Wolves
This episode is a Dharma talk I shared with my students here in Miami. I discuss the intersection between neuroscience and yoga, and I hope you are inspired to break some of your bad habits after listening to this special episode of The Yoga Inspiration Podcast. I may not be a scientist, but I love yoga, and I’m interested in the elements of yoga that can be studied and verified by rational, scientific means. Yoga has the power to retrain our brains and our bodies, giving you the power to lay the foundations for more evolution of consciousness. To visualize this, I want you to remember the Native American proverb of the two wolves. As the story goes, there are two wolves living in each of us - the wolf of hate powered by anger, sorry, jealousy, and greed; and the wolf of love, powered by compassion, peace, love, and serenity. These two wolves are in direct competition with one another in our subconscious. The wolf that lives is the one you feed. And as you practice yoga, you feed that wolf of love. You become kinder and more empathetic toward yourself and to others. There is always a lot of talk about the negativity bias, how to work with stress, and what stress can do to our bodies. But when we focus on all of this negative energy we are completely overlooking the fact that there are equally strong physiological systems rooted in connection, empathy, and compassion. The wolf of love is the state of calm and connection we all feel in our practice. The physical poses of yoga are designed to develop our empathy and our kindness, and it’s important that you remember this as you listen to this inspirational episode. The more you practice yoga, the stronger your mind becomes. With each asana, you’re building a concentrated mind that will stop you from feeding into the reactive patterns you may be used to, and learning how to develop new, more compassionate ones. Tune in now and learn to re-conceptualize the way you think about yourself and about your yoga practice. I want you to tap into our natural capacity for empathy! I’m sharing steps you can take to conquer your fears and self-doubt and learn to recognize that you have the power to change the way you think. Share the lessons you’ve learned on the yoga mat with me and my listeners. Send an email at info@kinoyoga.com and tell me - what does yoga mean to you? You could be invited to guest spot on The Yoga Inspiration Podcast with Kino MacGregor! Stay connected: @kinoyoga and @omstarsofficial View my teaching schedule, blogs, etc on Kinoyoga.com Get your free 30 day membership on Omstars.com& use code: PODCAST
57 min
You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl
You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl
Ashley Stahl
[LOVE] Ep. 146 Why We Are Attracted To Painful Relationships w/ Amy Chan
Do you feel anxious or calm about your current, or recent, relationship? Join Ash this week where she talks with chief heart hacker, author, and Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, Amy Chan, all about why we are attracted to relationships that hurt. Amy and Ash get straight to business and talk through what is happening with relationships during the pandemic, ways in which your attachment style impacts how you handle relationships, and why we are addicted to our ex’s. Have you found yourself attracting partners that don’t lift you up? You may be experiencing attractions of deprivation. If you want to learn what this is and how to get out, be sure to tune into the episode! Single or committed, relationships are a constant in life, but they aren’t the only thing. If you a boss babe hoping to focus on a relationship, while still building your career, Amy talks through ways to create a supportive relationship, and what having a supportive partner looks like. Amy is a treasure of knowledge for all things relationships, you don’t want to miss this episode! In This Episode, You Will Learn: * Why we are drawn to toxic people. * The difference between intensity and love. * How money plays into your relationship and what to do about it. * How the peak-end theory works in romantic relationships. Where You Can Find Amy Chan: renewbreakupbootcamp.com IG: @missamychan Breakup Bootcamp: The Science Of Rewriting Your Heart Promotion: Want to upgrade your health? Organifi has a very special promotion on their GOLDEN Chocolate Bundle, order now at organifi.com/youturn and get 15% off at check out AND receive a FREE frother (available from November 12 - 19th).
53 min
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