Pe169 Secrets & Science of your ECS Tone
1 hr 12 min

Your Endocannabinoid Tone might be the key player in overall health and happiness. Codi Peterson, Pediatric Pharmacist, discusses cannabis from the pharmacy for patients, what future medical markets might look like, the components that make up your Endocannabinoid Tone and why these components could be the missing key to understanding body and mind health.

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Autoflower Podcast
Autoflower Podcast
Chad Dulaney
Ep47: Basement Autoflowers - Growing, Stigma, Culture & Change
Huge shoutout to shout out to InkyCow and Ricardo for joining the Patreon community! On this episode we are chatting with Basement Autoflowers. He is a grower out of Canada with lots of positive energy who has a lot of beneficial attributes to bring to the table. We chat about how he got started, his set-up and how he grows. As we talked, cannabis stigma began to surface and we rolled with it, chatting about how it has been supressed and how the growers have been outcast into a dark, low-life category. We both have a calling and a mission to help usher in a new world for cannabis and to flip it back on it's feet where it belongs... among the earth and all her life forms, offering what we can benefit from. Be sure to follow Basement Autoflowers! YouTube: Instagram: MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit the link below to shop! Save 10% now thru the end of the month using coupon code '10OFF' at checkout! Support the Podcast on Patreon Get exclusive content, FREE TESTER SEEDS & other perks! Questions/Comments? Email me at Connect on Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: My personal grow account: My YouTube channel: Website: Credits: Intro/outro music: “Win City” from Soundbytes: Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Reefer Madness, Bill Hicks. Remixed by Chad Dulaney.
49 min
Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
OffScrip Media
Episode 94 - Can you imagine walking into a CVS or Walgreens and asking your pharmacist for a Blue Dream tincture?
The fabulous Dr. Swathi Varanasi argues that switched on pharmacists should play a major role in medical cannabis and CBD. Dr. Swathi is blazing a path into the new field of Integrative Pharmacology, one that blends the science of healing plant medicines with pharmaceuticals. It makes sense, since most of us are using some combination of the two already. It would help us all if we knew which compounds work better together and which combinations to avoid. Dr. Swathi has dedicated her practice to educating people and pharmacists about medical cannabis and CBD. She is also a consultant to Elementa Apothec, a new line of skincare, beauty and wellness CBD products hitting the market early next year.   Disclosure: Swathi is the co-author of the “Cannabis Science and Therapeutics for Pharmacists” course that Medical Cannabis Mentor just launched (and is currently on sale). Her dedication so inspired me that I invited her to collaborate in creating the course. Life is short and we prefer working with people who inspire each other.  Backstory on this episode: Matthew and I recorded this episode on November 4th, the day after the early voting results were tallied and just 8 hours after The Orange Loser lied again, declaring himself the winner of a second term. The fact that 70 million of my fellow citizens think this guy deserves more time in office explains the “heroin in my tea” line. Or, as my artist friend Tucker Hollingsworth put it more poetically, “Half the country is trying to leave a four year abusive relationship; the other half still doesn’t realize they were in one.”  News Update: In case you somehow missed it five US states voted YES for legal cannabis. New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota (!) went for full adult use. Mississippians voted for medical cannabis. Voters in Oregon and Washington DC approved legal psychedelic therapies (which I want to begin immediately given the aforementioned PTSD of the last four years). Georgia on Our Minds: If you're interested in finishing the election job and flipping the senate, here's a great list of organizations and ways to volunteer in Georgia or from your home. This is an epic battle. Don't sit on the sidelines, friends. Shameless Self Promotion: Grasslands, one of the finest cannabis-focused PR firms, is running a series of interviews with journalists in the cannabis space. If you feel the need to read more of my sparkling wit, click here. If not, just hit the podcast. See you soon!
1 hr
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