We Are One With the Whole
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We Are One With the Whole

An Exploration of the Unseen World

We are all one interactive vibrational energy, but we forget that when we become too immersed in our bodies.  It takes some focused actions to cultivate our continuing awareness of our selves as One energy – with everything. 

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and founder of the Deeper Song Community is a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. She shares what she learns and guides us to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

In this episode we explore

We Are One With the Whole

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We Are One With the Whole 

An Exploration of the Unseen World

As we sit here in our individual planet personas it is a bit tricky to understand, let alone feel, that we are, in fact, one very, very large vibrational energy field.  Not a piece of it, but immersed in and incorporated in the whole.  

But the truth is we ARE all one energy and with that comes both the power and the responsibility of wholeness. 

Like you, I am working to not just understand that but to feel it and embrace my place in the Oneness, to be responsible for my presence in the Web of Oneness.  

I’m Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and founder of the Deeper Song Community. I am a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. I share what I learn and guide those who are ready to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

In this episode of Reflections of a Deeper Song we’ are going to explore the concept that  We Are One With the Whole.

From here in our human form, living our restricted human lives it’s a little tricky not to feel separate. In fact, we sometimes rather pride ourselves on feeling uniquely individual. But we are all one energy and to experience ourselves as individual is like trying to separate sunbeams.  We are all one all-encompassing energy. There is no you and me. There is no us and them. We are all one, all-inclusive vibrational energy. We just can’t always experience ourselves that way. 

But when we learn to accept our oneness, to experience ourselves as an important aspect of the greater whole,  our perception of our role and our responsibility changes. 

To be an observer requires being a separate form.  We are not separate from Oneness. We are not  separate from our Collective Wholeness.  So how do we figure out what Oneness is and what are role is in it? 

Give that some thought. 

You cannot step outside of being “One” in order to see “One”.  Because we all are “One!”

How do we, from our seemingly separate vantage points, begin to experience ourselves as the Whole , The All-encompassing One Energy?

As long as we are in our body there is a tendency to experience ourselves as separate. 

We are to learn see ourselves as the energy field that we are, as one all-encompassing vibration. 

The we need to understand that Since we are this all-encompassing wholeness,  then we am constantly experiencing it and expressing it.

As long as we are in our human experience there is a tendency to experience ourselves as separate.

The fact is, here in our body expression we need contrast in order to understand anything.  We need black to understand white.  We need up to understand down. We need contrast. How do we begin to understand and experience everything as One?

I love being an individual. I love seeming myself as unique.  And in our human form we are unique expressions.  But when we feel unique we also feel separate. The metaphor of web of life doesn’t work for me because it makes me see myself as a separate strand.  I don’t want to feel separate.  I want to feel ONE.  I prefer the image of big part of the Cosmic Soup with my flavor adding to the well-bing of the whole. 

Seeing our selves as separate makes us feel separate, makes us unable to access feelings of belonging or being included in the wholeness of, let alone being and totally merging with All-That-Is.  So the first thing we have to give up is our sense of being separate.  I only know how to do that in mediation or moments of deep contemplation the I release my awareness of my body.

As long as we are identifying ourselves as humans we need contrast in order to understand anything. We need straight in order to perceive crooked. That’s why, we, in our human-ness, think of ourselves as Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine and therefore separate ourselves from each other.  When in fact, there is a feminine in the masculine and masculine in he feminine and energy moves in a constant cycle that contains both. 

The Truth is we are one all one encompassing vibration

Call it Tao, or All that Is, or the Nowhere That We Came From, it is the fundamental energy – It. Oneness.  There is no separateness.  There is no you and me, there is only One – Tao – All that Is – the Great Nothingness.  Let’s explore how we can know more about Oneness. How we can understand it.  How we can experience it. 

There comes a point in most of my mediations that my awareness of my body disappears and I seem to float off to wherever I go.  Shamanic Journeying is my major mediation of choice, but I also experience that in  Transcendental Meditation which is mantra based and also disappears my body very radially. Mantras are good.  Mudras are good. Slow breathing is good. Sitting still in nature is good. Those are all methods to help you disappear your experience of being a body – a separate body.  They help you merge into the experience of ONE. 

I like to use the word Tao to describe this oneness because it does not create an image for me.  It simply is a  fundamental, inclusive, non image-provoking word. 

Tao refers to our all-ness,  our oneness. It is the fundamental non-body experience. When you experience Tao you are in every thing ,of everything ,You are everything. 

How do we experience Tao?  How do we understand its concept? How do we feel it? How do we become it? There’s no becoming toTao.  We already are Tao. 

Don’t fall into the trap of being the observer.  Be the be-er.  Be Tao. Be All-That-Is.  Just BE One. 

Learn to immerse yourself in and merge with the Unseen World

I use shamanic journeying to experience myself as being in and of the Unseen World. The Unseen World is where I  begin to explore and experience the concept of one. And still, I perceive my helping spirits as physical form metaphors that have meaning to me here in my human expression. 

In mediation, I can disappear my body and yet my mind is still here, one last thread holding me separate. With patience I can leave my awarenss behind and experience oneness.  I get better with practice.

I want to bring this experience of Oneness more clearly into my human experience. To help me deepen my immersion in the Field of Oneness.  I could look for similarities rather than differences. That might change how I view others. I would experience the oneness of Tao in them. 

I could find my commonality with nature. Spend more time in a receptive silence just listening and feeling. I would experience the oneness of Tao then. 

Staying mindful of our Oneness helps us be more present, more aware, more reflective and accepting of a moment, an action, an experience.  

Perhaps being mindfully aware is as close as we, here in our body expression, can get to the Oneness of Tao. But we can keep practicing and we will get better at experiencing everything as one.

When you begin to deepen  your connection with nature – the wind, the sun, the earth, – the gradual growth of a plant, the simple celebration of life cycles thoughout the flow of nature – you begin to release your awareness of you as separate and begin to immerse yourself in oneness.

I like the world “tranquility.”   I create ways to experience tranquility. When I sit in a chair, and move deeply into  my inner experience, I begin to release all my body restrictions. I become tranquil.  It is a stillness that encompasses and embraces everything. It is All That Is. 

I want to deepen that experience. I want to feel my awareness of “self”  merge with the Unseen World.  I want to experience that All-ness, that Oneness – and disappear me as a planetary presence in a body.

I can do that when I allow myself to merge with the Unseen World. 

We consider this concept on One as well as we can from our human separateness.

And we can use our human-ness to merge with the Great All-ness, the Unseen World.

So we are aware that as long as we experience ourselves as confined to our bodies, we will continue to experience ourselves as separate.  We don’t want that.  We want to experience ourself as one all encompassing vibration

We are Oneness. With practice and focused choice, we can learn to experience ourselves as one.  It is from that stage of deep inner stillness that I began to feel and experience my absorption into the All.

One of the ways I explore oneness is exploring the Unseen World.  There are many ways to do that.  We do it in our dreams.  We do that in our imagination, in  mediation, in shamanic journeying. 

It is said that 95% of everything is unseen.  That’s means we are relying on 5% of what exists to understand and live our ives.  We have some exploring to do.  It is up to you to find your own path to the Unseen World. 

It could be the sense of disappearing into the melody of a song.  It could be total absorption in a moment in which you are totally unaware of your separate body.  Sometimes when I write, my body disappears and all tat is left are my fingers typing what is being shared through me from the Unseen World, the part of the All-ness I have set out to explore. 

But I also explore the Unseen World though Shamanic journeying where we are taught that whatever image shows up is a metaphor for something only we can interpret. I have guides and helping spirits that regularly  appear, and then sometimes I experience being asked to disappear my experience as a body and float in the Void and experience whatever I experience. I am given  messages and guidance when I go exploring in the Unseen World.  I have figured out that my job is to bring back the insights I am given and figure out way to apply them in the expression of our human constrictions.  Then share them with you.

Find your own pathway to experience your essence in the Al That Is. You may lose the limitations of your body though singing or drumming or running.  You may lose your awareness of being a separate self in nature. Experiment and find your own way into the Oneness of All.

Everything is One Energy

Absorb this concept. Live this concept.  We are all ONE energy. 

The vibration you put out affects the whole.  Begin there and monitor your thoughts and words and actions. Make certain they are for the highest good of all.

Begin to see yourself reflected in the actions of others and the world around you. It is you coming back to you.  The energy you put out comes right back at you. You can control what you put out.  Make more conscious choices in all you say and do and think. 

Become more aware of how you hold yourself apart. Begin to see others as a reflecdtion of you.

Initiate more quiet time in which you allow your body to disappear as you move into greater connection with Tao. All That Is. The Emptiness That Holds Everything.  Disappear your body and Be present in One. 

 We Are One With the Whole. We ARE the wholeness.

Deeper Song Process

  • Begin to notice your tendency to see yourself as separate rather than as one. 
  • Go to nature. In reflective silence let yourself experience an element of nature – a tree, a rock, the wind. Take time to lose your awareness of your body and merge with the nature element you have chosen. 
  • Notice how your body gradually disappears as you connect more deeply with the nature element you have chosen. 
  • As you move through your life, notice how separately you hold yourself and begin, at least mentally, to put yourself in the other person’s place, or merge with their energy or wrap that other person in loving energy that you hold out to them. 
  • Interact from a position of being one energy with everything and everyone  
  • Repeat frequently.

Deeper Song Affirmation

I spend time in mindful silence and feel myself fill with the presence of One. I carry that with me throughout my day. 

  • I hope I brought you some new awareness, deeper ways to connect and insights and encouragement for your next steps. 
  • Pause to be with what we have explored.  See what portals have opened up for you.  Where you will go exploring next.  This is a Journey of Discovery and we walk this part of the path together. 
  • Ashe, The creative in me honors the creative in you. 
  • To join me on further explorations I invite you to subscribe to this Reflections of a Deeper song podcast.
  • I also encourage you to join the Deeper Song community at www.deepersong.com to receive weekly posts and the Deeper Song newsletter.
  • Until next time, this is Cara Lumen inviting you to Come Sing a Deeper Song.

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