Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self
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BuiAn Exploration of the Unseen Worldld a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self

An Exploration of the Unseen World

When I first read that 95% of the world was unseen I was excited but I knew I had a great deal of work to do and I didn’t exactly know where to begin.  So I went exploring. 

My job, as I see it, is to ask the right questions, and then interpret the answers I get in a manner that we both can understand.  Then I figure out how to apply that information to my human expression and share that will you. I will help you Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and Founder of the Deeper Song Community is a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. She shares what she learns and guides us to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

In this episode we explore

Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self

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Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self

An Exploration of the Unseen World

When I first read that 95% of the world was unseen I was excited but I knew I had a great deal of work to do and I didn’t exactly know where to begin.  

If just 5% of the universe is known to us, the other 95% can only be explored through our Invisible Self. What a great adventure!

I’ve done a lot of exploring with and through my Invisible Self and I continue to find new ways to connect with and understand and get messages from the Unseen World. I use the meditative practdice of shamanic journeying and I go on amazing adventures.  I have learned over the years to move out of the way for automatic writing as I sit at my computer and let my fingers do the talking.  I trust those messages. I share those messages. I learn from those messages. 

My job is to interpret the ideas and insight and metaphors I receive and bring back their messages to share with you. Now I want to help you Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self so  you too can go adventuring!

I’m Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and founder of the Deeper Song Community. I am a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. I share what I learn and guide those who are ready to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

Reflections of a Deeper Song helps us:

  • Expand our relationship with our inner world and learn to interpret its powerful guidance.
  • Raise the frequency of our vibration so we can be of greater service to the planet
  • Expand our role as Transcendent Leaders in the New Consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

In this episode of Reflections o a Deeper Song we help you e  Build a Strong Bridge to Your Invisible Self.

The more I explore the Unseen World, the less alone I feel and the more empowered I become.  We have a LOT of help in the Unseen world, we just have to connect wit it, to learn to listen  to its message and interpret the nudges and hunches, the sudden knowing and the metaphorical messages it gives to us. 

The exploration of the Unseen World is an ongoing process.  As I continue to explore I find new ways to explore and discover  new realms to investigate.  

My job, as I see it, is to ask the right questions, and then interpret the answers I get in a manner that we both can understand.  Then I figure out how to apply that information to my human expression and share that will you. 

But we need to begin by understanding the difference between our body and our invisible self and how to listen to both.

First we are going to explore 

  • how our body communicates with the Unseen World. 
  • Then we will help you identify your Invisible Self – what it is and how to intentionally communicate with it.
  • And finally,  we will discuss how the  Invisible Self can guide us and guard us. 

So how doe s our body communicate with the Unseen World?

I see our physical expression  ia necessary but restrictive aspect of ourselves.  It is the tool for communication that we use with others in a physical expression, but when we move within, we can hear and experience much, much more.  We can begin to communicate with the Unseen World

We are very familiar with our body. It lives within the restriction of time and space. It is guided by emotion and our busy but limited mind. It goes through a cycle of aging. It’s how we identify ourselves. Yet, it’s only a small part of who we are: only 5%! We want to explore more than that!

The Invisible Self is the all-encompassing energy that’s in and through and of everything. We first begin to know it through our imagination   intuition and our dreams. We can learn to consciously go exploring through our meditation, our  visioning and journeying. All are forms of inner awareness that lead us to the Invisible World.

Both our body and the Invisible Self are part of our whole but they use different ways to communicate.

One of the ways the Invisible Self communicates is through our emotions and thoughts 

We rely on our mind and feelings for most of our awareness and understanding. Our mind and feelings are how we interpret the signs and signals from the Unseen World. And remember, this communication is limited because it is all our body is capable of doing.

Our intuition and hunches are the first way we experience our Invisible Self speaking to us from Unseen World. 

Fist we acknowledge that there is an unseen world. Then we work to free ourselves from the limitations of our mind and emotions.  Then we can learn to explore our Invisible Self.

So what is our Invisible Self and how can we intentionally deepen our relationship to it?

We are more familiar with our body than with our invisible self.  

So what is this Invisible Self?  Where is it?  How do we access it?  Wha does it do?

Since 95% of the world is unseen we, here in the confines of our body, get glimpses of the Unseen World but then we limit ourselves by  interpreting what we experience from the limitations of our human body. We just have to learn to communicate with  our Invisible self, our presence in the Unseen World and we have to ask the right questions in order to get the answers we seek. 

The Invisible Self is eager to expand our relationships with it.  It has much to show us and tell us.  

Think of a time when you acted on intuition alone – you simply had a strong sense of “knowing” what the right choice was in that moment. That was the Unseen World nudging you.

My new wise saying is “The more you listen the more you will hear.”  We need to practice listening and we need to learn to interpret the sometimes subtle messages we receive.

Any time you find a way to tune into your inner voice, your inner knowing, it will speak to you. You could do this through mediation, dreaming, journaling, visioning, sound, automatic writing – any way you find to free yourself up from the confines of your limited human body so that you can hear and begin to interpret the Voice Within. 

I’m a writer and I’ve been listening to my inner voice for a good portion of my life but a few years ago some really outstanding phrases begin to show up as I typed.  They were so stunningly eloquent I just knew they were not from me. They seemed to come from nowhere and they surprised me.  I imagined a trio of bearded Shakespeare-type men sitting with quills pens over my right shoulder giving me these awesome phrases.  

Gradually I realized it was only me, me and my inner voice. I had made room fo my inner voice to speak though my body by listing and writing down what it was saying.  My Inner voice  is very wise.  And comes up with some great writing! I welcome its messages. And the more I listen the more I hear and the better I am at interpreting it. 

It might be considered a form of automatic writing, when you get your human self out of the way and start writing whatever shows up.  I se it as listing to my Inner Voice.

Because I am used to capturing my ideas by typing, even when I do Shamanic Journeying, I type in what I see.  It is in metaphoric form and also provides actual messages of wisdom that I receive. I really, really like to journey.

Shamanic journeying is the earliest form of meditation. It is a doorway to the Unseen World and it communicates by offering images that are metaphors only you are to interpret.  If you find a metaphor you do not understand, simply ask for clarity. 

Since we’r going into the Unseen World, the first thing you do is set up your Transformative Shield. How to do that it in a previous podcast that is lined to in the show notes. 

Then we go to our Sacred Garden in which everything there is an aspect of ourselves. We begin by asking a question of the Helping Spirts and Guides that await us. Make it an open ended question, not a yes/no question.  How would I…?  Why is…. in my life now? May I have clarification on…

Move into contemplative silence to receive the answer. It might come as a symbol or internal words or even a simple certainly.

Sit in stillness and ask a question you’d like guidance on. Allow yourself to move into a state of stillness and receptivity. Quiet your mind and see if you “daydream”. You may see images or experience a strong sense of knowing, or hear voices, or see forms.

Those images are guides and helping spirits and messengers in metaphorical form. 

Your job is to observe and interpret

Trust what shows up. It may be in the form of am animal or an element of nature. It may be a talking rock or a talking butterfly, or a knowing look from an animal.  Go with what shows up. 

Everything that shows up  is there to guide you and guard you and teach you.  These are all helping spirits just for you. You guidance may be a voice in your head. It’s you talking to you, so listen. It is your Invisible Self speaking to you.  

I love to journey.  I am often very surprised at what shows up and I am definitely reassured by what continues to appear. 

In my daily human body-confined life, I often get a loud voice in my head identifying an idea that resonates deeply. The minute I do, I immediately turn to my Invisible Self, my inner voice, my Inner World, and begin exploring – usually through writing – typing actually. I write to figure out what I hear, how I might interpret that and apply it to my life. And maybe how you might apply it to your life, too.

Sometimes I explore the unseen world by holding a crystal,  experiencing its energy and in a meditative state, I simply flow where it takes me. I experience the  feelings and sensations that show up and notice how my Invisible Self interprets the signs and signals that appear in these meditative states. 

Your Invisible Self will speak to you on many levels.  When I open myself up to choose a crystal, I get strong “crystal voices” saying, “Today it’s me.”  And when I choose it and sit with the crystal in my restiving hand, m left hand, I am inundated with powerful feeling and awareness of its power and its message. It may manifest as a sensation in my body or a thought or as simple knowing. The crystal is speaking to me.

Learn to listen to the Inner Voice that is the Gateway to the Unseen World and trust what you hear.

So we have explored how our body communicates with the Unseen World

We have identified your Invisible Self – what it is and how to intentionally communicate with it.

Now let’s explore the many ways our Invisible Self can guide us and guard  us.

We now understand the difference between our body’s communication through emotions and thoughts and the more subtle inner knowing messages of the Voice Within. We know that metaphorical images is one of the ways our Inner Voice communicates from the Unseen World  And we have explored using Shamanic journeying to move more deeply into the Unseen World.  How do we interpret what we find? 

The Invisible Self moves within the Great Mystery, the All That Is, The Vibration of Wholeness.

Our human mind is limited by what it sees and feels and hears. It is limited in its ability to interpret because, well, it is interpreting though our body using only our emotions and our thoughts and our beliefs.

Our Invisible Self lives in the Unseen World where there is no limitation – where all things are possible, where everything is connected, where we’re all one. We are to learn to know the difference. We are grateful for the miracle that is our human body and at the some time understand its restrictions and limitations. 

When we go to the Inner World, the Unseen world we tap into our subconscious and we begin to experience our inner world as being more representative of what is possible.

Trusting your inner voice will change your experience or being limited to the confines of a body. It is your portal to the Unseen World.

Introspection is the beginning of hearing your Inner Voice. 

Listen to your Inner Voice and learnt to  interpret how it speaks to you. Insights, hunches, words, images.  Learn to pay attention and interpret the subtle messages.  

Become conscious of how you feel, what you want, where your passion lies, and follow that awareness. 

Learn to hear and trust your inner voice – your hunches, your intuition, simply knowing the next move. Experiment with the guidance you receive in order to understand and accept the power of its messages from the Unseen World.

Let your inner voice guide you to choices that are aligned with your Invisible Self, your Soul’s Purpose. Listen to your Invisible Self with you whole body and pay attention to the many ways you are guided.

The Unseen World reveals itself only as far as we are ready to listen and to understand. 

Whatever your experience it is exactly right for you in this moment. 

Only through a gradual unfolding can the true depth of the insight be revealed. Allowing your life to unfold is an open invitation for your Invisible Self to send you subtle messages – the unexpected opportunity, the great idea that suddenly pops into your head. The unexpected encounter on the street. 

This is the Unseen World guiding you. 

Even barriers that show up are a way your Invisible Self tells you it’s not time for that step or it lets you know that particular action is not a good choice for you.

When we focus on planning and setting objectives, we use only our limited bodies. AMake more more time for inner work. Learn to leave space for your Invisible Self to guide you with hunches and inner voice phrases. 

So we know the difference between the limitations of our body and the broad reach of our inner voice. 

We know that our inner voice comes form the Invisible world.

And we know that when we listening to our inner voice it will guide us and guard us.

What action do we need to take to bring that inner wisdom, that inner guidance into our limited body experience?

We have to be willing to listen and we have to be willing to change.

Think about it. If our body understands only 5% of what is possible, what happens when we let the 95% that is our Invisible Self have more of a say in what we do?

Begin to consciously communicate with your Invisible Self

For instance, you might have a Power Journal. Record your journeys, your feelings and the lessons learned from an experience or circumstance.

By all means establish a time to Journey/meditate. Move into a meditative state with an intention or a question and learn to interpret the guidance that shows up.

Become aware of the subtle nudges. Look for the unexpected circumstance, the sudden direction-changing thoughts and the voice in your head that offers guidance.  They are all messages from your Invisible Self.

There’s much to explore in the Unseen World. I meditate with rocks and crystals and receive their message. I love to take my Spirit Guides on healing journeys in a mediative state. I am overjoyed with how ideas pop into my head, which I immediately explore. And I’m amazed at the sudden knowing that shows up, the certainty that this is the right step or direction. I accept that powerful guidance from my Invisible Self. The more I listen the more I hear.  Keep listening. …


  • Begin to notice and listen to your inner voice 
  • Take one of the actions it suggests and notice what you learn. It may be yes do this or not don’t do this.  
  • Listen to the inner voice that speaks to you in your mind, your dreams or in simply knowing. 
  • Learn to interpret them. They will open doors for you.

The more you listen,  the more you will hear.


I explore different ways to hear my Inner voice and learn to listen to the messages of the Unseen World. 

  • I hope I brought you some new awareness, deeper ways to connect and insights and encouragement for your next steps. 
  • Pause to be with what we have explored.  See what portals have opened up for you.  Where you will go exploring next.  This is a Journey of Discovery and we walk this part of the path together. 
  • Ashe, The creative in me honors the creative in you. 
  • To join me on further explorations I invite you to subscribe to this Reflections of a Deeper song podcast.
  • I also encourage you to join the Deeper Song community at to receive weekly posts and the Deeper Song newsletter.
  • Until next time, this is Cara Lumen inviting you to Come Sing a Deeper Song.

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