The Two Vital Sides of Your Spiritual Practice
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The Two Vital Sides of Your Spiritual Practice

A Deeper Song Inner Vision 

I stopped cold when I heard this.  I had never before thought of my spiritual life in this manner and it helped me make some important new choices for my spiritual development. 

There are two aspects to our spiritual practice, one is to deepen your own embodiment of our connection with sprit and the other is to deepen our connection with source.  Those are two different focuses in our spiritual development. We want to be certain we are addressing both aspects.  Let’s figure out how together.

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and Founder of the Deeper Song Community is a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. She shares what she learns and guides us to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

In this episode we explore

The Two Vital Sides of Your Spiritual Practice

(12 minutes)

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