The Field of Opportunity
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The  Field of Opportunity

An Exploration of the Unseen World

It was like standing in a garden so filled with organic goodness that I was hare press to choose.  This was the Filed of Opportunity  and I had come there seeking my future.  

Where was I belong called?

What did I want to do?

Had I explored all the opportunities that were being offered?Was I ready for my next step?

My inner voice said, “Be present int the moment and it will be revealed.”

So I stood in my Field of Opportunity and looked at all the possibilities that surrounded me.

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and Founder of the Deeper Song Community is a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. She shares what she learns and guides us to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

In this episode we explore

The  Field of Opportunity

(12 minutes)

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