Journey to Our Ancestors to Expand Our Consciousness
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Journey to Our Ancestors to Expand Our Consciousness

A Deeper Song Adventure

There is a lineage of energy that flows back to the beginning of time. It is an ancestral line that brings with it the lessons and the learning and the understanding of generations. Because we are in that ancestral lineage, we can take steps today to change the trajectory, for ourselves  and the future for generations to come. In this present moment, with the help of our source ancesters, we can change the world. Let’s go visit our cosmic ancestsers.

Welcome to the unseen world…

I’m Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and founder of the Deeper Song Community. I help spiritual explorers find powerful and creative ways to connect with and explore their own cosmic consciousness. I hep transformational leaders who are now stepping forward to understand their role and their potential participation so that we can build the bridges and pathways that guide us all into to the New Consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Reflections of a Deeper Song helps us:

  • Expand our relationship with our inner world and learn to interpret its powerful guidance.
  • Deepen our interaction with Cosmic Consciousness and the Web of Life 
  • Expand our role as Transformational  Leaders and guides inn the Unfolding of the New Consciousness

In this episode we

Journey to Our Ancesters to Expand Our Consciousness

(20 Minutes)

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