We Are Cosmic Consciousness
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We Are Cosmic Consciousness

A Deeper Song Expanded Perspective 

It was a giant leap to an unexpected place and it totally altered how I saw things. What I saw was possible.  What I expected was achievable.  It was like going from looking only at the view from my apartment window to suddenly looking out at everything from my soul star. My Infinite self. Which is exactly what this new perspective is. When we begin to look at our life, our human expression, from the standpoint of being cosmic consciousness, everything changes.

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher and Founder of the Deeper Song Community is a cosmic explorer who consciously travels into the unseen world to serve as a bridge to help us expand our relationship with the spiritual world. She shares what she learns and guides us to the next level so we can sing a deeper song.  

In this episode we explore

We Are Cosmic Consciousness

A Deeper Song Expanded Perspective 

(27 Minutes)

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