The Pastore Podcast
On Migraines
Nov 1, 2019 · 48 min
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Dr. Pastore shares his history with migraines and the signs, symptoms, causes, treatments and science behind migraines.

Talking points include:

  • The 4 stages of the migraine, including the “migraine hangover”
  • A sub-class of migraines called allodynia -  the experience of pain from stimuli that isn't normally painful (ex - pain caused by steam/water from a shower)
  • What triggers migraines, including MSG, aspartame, and tyramine-containing foods such as dairy, yeast extract & fermented foods 
  • The prevalence of dairy being a trigger in Dr. Pastore’s migraine patients & how to follow a one-month dairy elimination diet
  • Why it's probably NOT the weather causing your migraine 


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