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On Brain Health & Celiac Disease
Apr 3, 2020 · 43 min
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[PART 2]

Dr. Pastore continues on the topic of brain health, and what celiacs & non-celiacs can do now to lower the risk of future neurological & cognitive health issues. He covers what medical tests to have done, recommended foods and supplements, as well as ways to cognitively challenge your brain. 



  • Why celiacs feel brain fog, forgetful or fatigued  [2:30]
    • Multifactorial - many reasons for these symptoms based on structural gray/white matter changes in the brain celiacs have
    • Malabsorption of nutrients due to damaged villi, causing nutrient deficiency [4:15]


  • Recommended test #1 for brain health and cognition: BrainSpan [4:40]
      • Can be ordered directly to your house & mailed back 
    • Finger-prick blood test 
    • Measuring Omega 3 fatty acid levels EPA/DHA 
      • Celiacs should use fish oil supplementation [6:30] 
    • Brain health & cardiovascular diseases are connected [8:50]
      • Plaquing of the arteries negatively affects brain health 
      • High blood pressure presents with a higher risk of dementia 
    • Analyze palmitic acid levels to help normalize insulin, leptin signalling, appetite cues, never feeling full [10:05] 
    • Blood test is paired with brain games both developed by US military physician & used by physicians from Harvard. Sanjay Gupta, MD of CNN is an advisor [11:40]
      • Measures memory, sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, and processing speed  
    • Celiacs - speak to your physician about the test [13:00]
      • Covered by Medicare in USA



  • Foods & Nutrients to consume daily for brain health [22:55]
    • Berries - blueberries, strawberries [23:20]
      • Harvard study: 2 servings per week delayed memory decline by 2.5 years
    • Caffeine [24:40]
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acids [28:10]
      • UCLA study: Walnut consumption improved cognitive test scores
        • Rich is ALA, converted into EPA 
      • Fish 
        • Can reduce beta amyloid plaque production, improving brain signalling 
    • Choline [29:25]
      • 92% people deficient in choline  
      • ~400-550mg/day
      • Critical for white matter function & reducing inflammation
      • Found in beef liver, egg yolk, chicken breast, ground beef, cod, broccoli 
      • Celiacs not absorbing food optimally
        • Supplementation recommended 
      • Power ON to improve cognitive function and cell integrity -


  • Brain games to improve cognition [36:05]
    • AARP brain games, apps such as Lumosity


  • Get adequate sleep [37:05]
    • Journal of Sleep - short sleep duration showed worse white matter markers in mid-life
    • Middle-aged celiacs with already lower white matter because of the disease especially need adequate sleep to lessen risk of cognitive decline, dementia, stroke


  • Learn something new and complex [38:45]
    • Leads to rapid structural changes in white and grey matter
    • Must be complex - multiple steps to achieve success
    • Must be something entirely new to you - language, computer code, tactile skill, musical instrument, a new exercise with proper form


  • Probiotics [40:40]
    • Journal of Nutrients April 2019 study showed 
    • You must care for your gut microbiome
      • Eating healthy, whole foods
      • Removing digestive irritants/intolerant foods 
      • Consuming fiber (prebiotic) 
      • Take a probiotic supplement *if* recommended by a physician
    • Gut & Mood are connected for cell communication and neurotransmitter production
      • Podcast: LINK


  • Episode recap [41:45]
    • We’ll be back next week with a COVID19 episode 
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