Parenting Forward
Parenting Forward
Jan 18, 2021
110: Six Minute Sex Ed w/ Kim Cavill
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Talking openly about sex is very new to me. I openly share about religion and parenting but have little experience sharing about my sex life. It feels very private so it’s hard to be vulnerable in that way. A lot of parents experience this same issue in trying to raise their own kids with healthy sexuality.

This week’s guest, Kim Cavill, struggled through the lack of sex education as a child and is now passionate about keeping other kids from going through what she did. Kim started teaching sexual education for people with disabilities and those who worked with them in Australia. She now hosts the podcast Six Minute Sex Ed. On her podcast, she gives children the information and tools they need to not be as vulnerable to sexual trauma and abuse. Tune in to hear Kim and I discuss sex ed and how to discuss sexuality honestly.

Show Highlights:

  • Kim’s story and her experience with religious trauma.
  • How to balance the privacy of our sex lives with the need to make those conversations open and public.
  • Why there is such a lack of sex ed in the home.
  • Research from the Kinsey Institute on our sexual identifications and behavior.
  • Why parents need to think of themselves more as a mentor to their kids than a teacher.
  • How to work through our own triggers when we talk to our kids about sex.
  • How to talk about sex-positivity in a sex-negative culture.
  • Why education isn’t a switch you can turn off and on.
  • How to stop carrying others’ trauma.
  • What our kids really want to hear from us about sex.

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The Deconstructionists
The Deconstructionists
Adam Narloch & John Williamson
Ep. 116 - Sarah Bessey "A Rhythm of Prayer"
Guest Info/Bio: This week I welcome back one of our favorite guests - Sarah Bessey! Sarah Bessey is the author of the best-selling and critically acclaimed books Jesus Feminist ( ) (2013); Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith ( ) (2015); and Miracles and Other Reasonable Things ( ) (2019). Her new collaborative book, A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal ( ) is now available everywhere books are sold. d. Along with her friends, the late Rachel Held Evans and Jim Chaffee, Sarah co-founded Evolving Faith ( ). She now co-leads the community and conference alongside Jeff Chu. Sarah is also the co-host of *The Evolving Faith Podcast* ( ) which debuted at the top of the charts for Religion and Spirituality Podcasts and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide. Sarah is a sought-after speaker at churches, conferences, and universities around the world. Sarah writes the weekly newsletter *Field Notes* with exclusive essays, devotional series, conversations, and more. You can sign up for Field Notes here ( ). She also serves as chair of the board for Heartline Ministries in Haiti. ( ) Based in Port au Prince, Heartline is committed to empowering Haitian families through complete maternal and infant health care, education, vocational training, and economic development. Sarah contributed to the NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World; Mother Letters: Sharing the Laughter, Joy, Struggles, and Hope; Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption; and What a Woman is Worth. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The High Calling, Conversations Journal,, CT Women: Christianity Today’s Blog for Women, Today’s Christian Woman , and she has commented on religion, feminism, and faith deconstruction for The Atlantic, The Christian Post, Christianity Today, The National Post , and The Washington Post among others. She was an award-winning blogger back in the glory days of blogging. Some of the favourites are still available as essays on this website ( ). Sarah is also the author of two ebooks - My Practices of Mothering and Waiting, Accepting, Journeying, Birthing: An Advent Devotional - both available for digital download here ( ). Guest (Select) Published Works: Waiting, Accepting, Journeying, Birthing; My Practices of Mothering; Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit The Bible’s View of Women; Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith; Miracles And Other Reasonable Things: A Story of Unlearning and Relearning God; A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal. Guest Website/Social Media: ( ) Twitter: @sarahbessey Facebook: Instagram: @sarahbessey Special guest music on this episode provided by: The Wind & The Wave ( ) Twitter: @thewindthewave Facebook: Instagram: @thewindthewave Enjoy the songs? Songs featured on this episode were: “Happiness Is Not A Place” from the album, Happiness Is Not A Place & “Rescue Me, Does God Love the Unlucky?” & “Father” from the E.P. Rescue Me. The Wind & The Wave’s music is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, and anywhere good music is found. Stay on top of all the latest at Go there to read our blog, grab a tee shirt, snag a pint glass or mug, follow us on social media, or join our Patreon family. The Deconstructionists Podcast is edited by John Williamson. This episode was mixed and produced by Nicholas Rowe at National Audio Preservation Society: A full service recording studio and creative habitat. located in Heath, Ohio. Find them on facebook and Twitter or go to their website for more information. Twitter: @napsrecording Website by Ryan Battles All Photos by Jared Hevron Logos designed by Joseph Ernst & Stephen Pfluig T-Shirt designs by Joseph Ernst, Chad Flannigan, Colin Rigsby, and Jason Turner Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
1 hr 3 min
You Have Permission
You Have Permission
Dan Koch
Ravi Zacharias, Religious Abuser (#107)
I'm re-joined by Dr. Paula Swindle to go through the details of Ravi Zacharias's various abuses of power throughout his career as a Christian apologist. Specifically, Paula and I focus on these findings through the lens of religious or spiritual abuse, searching through the wreckage with an eye toward what each of us has found in our own research (hers much more extensive than my own!), as well as what we've picked up from other research and what Paula has seen directly through the religious abuse her own clients have survived over the years. Paula's episode: Dispatch article: Report itself: Paula's podcast: Follow Dan on IG: Or Twitter: Faith deconstruction resources: Join the Patreon for exclusive episodes (and more) every month: Email about the "sliding scale" for the Patreon: YHP Patron-only FB group: Website: Join Dan's email list: Artwork by
1 hr 48 min
Pastor With No Answers Podcast
Pastor With No Answers Podcast
Joey Svendsen
284 - Predestination, A Debate (w/ Chris Date and Chip Judd)
While I (Joey) personally find very primitive and archaic the belief in a God-ordained predestination of souls, Chris Date's holding to this position  doesn’t lessen the amount of respect I have for him as a biblical scholar.  Chip, Chris and I discuss and debate the philosophical components of whether people can have real choice while at the same time, God also ordaining that choice they will freely make.  In other words, can God ordain that people have real choice while also ordaining what choice they will make?  Chris thinks so.  We have plenty of “if I treated my kids the way God does” analogies, talk a bit about whether Jack and Jill had real choice to go up the hill if the author writes it (you'll have to listen) and even ponder marital affairs being “God ordained.”   Chris Date and Rethinking Hell Chip Judd's "8-Minute Mind Shift" Joey/PWNA Instagram: Current DonorSee: Get notifications each time we start raising money to get more information on our current opportunity to “save the day” for team humanity. Text PWNAd to 31010.   Support: Join us as a patron! or leave a Venmo tip right @ Join the discussion: Socials: CALL 507-403-PWNA (7962):  Questions, Comments, Feedback, Pushback, frustration? Air it out on our voicemail and we may air it on an episode. E-mail for correspondence. Music courtesy of: Derek Minor Joel Hamilton  Executive Producer: Jared Svendsen
1 hr 7 min
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