Did a boozy Wills get the hook?
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William was a few hours and a few beverages into a podcast session when suddenly he had a meeting RIGHT NOW

Meghan's sister teases her book

Philip checks out the Queen and she likes it.
Sussex Squad Podcast
Sussex Squad Podcast
Sussex Squad Podcast
Meghan Markle is pregnant and she won We all won 105
SHE CAME, SHE SAW, SHE LEFT, SHE FOUGHT, SHE WON!!!! YES YES YES!! We are so stinking proud of Meghan Markle! She was unbossed, Unbowed, unbothered! The message here is you never cower in the face of insurmountable abuse! You stand and you fight! Well done #MeghanMarkle you stood to the bullies in the royal family and press! Many wanted you to throw in the flag! You said no! #InspiredbyMeghan  OMG, MEGHAN MARKLE IS PREGNANT!! Hello everyone, welcome to the Sussex Squad podcast where we talk about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry !! For our 5th  podcast of the year, we have Tina (The podcast lady), Michelle, Maria, Nelly, and Professor Maynard.  Below are the topics we discussed. Thanks for listening.  VISIT OUR 🌎 W E B S I T E: www.sussexsquad.com Sign up for our SSP Newsletter http://bit.ly/SSPnewsl   Support us here: Patreon: http://bit.ly/ssppatreon PayPal us (for one-time support): http://bit.ly/SSPPayPal  Cash App: cash.app/$sussexsquad Youtube membership http://bit.ly/utubemem   OUR SOCIALS: 📸 I N S T A G R A M: www.instagram.com/hmlisten 👍🏾 F A C E B O O K: https://www.facebook.com/SussexPodcast 🐥 T W I T T E R: https://twitter.com/sussexsquadpod 📌 P I N T R E S T: https://www.pinterest.com/tinam1735/   Support a sister of one of our squaddie who needs a kidney transplant: http://bit.ly/3pdm1vC   Topics:    * Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex won!  a) Judges Opinion https://bit.ly/2ZeFy3t b)Summary of ruling https://bit.ly/3jOIKwf c) Next steps for the duchess - A Lawyer Writes http://bit.ly/3jLJt12 d) Mail on Sunday’s Meghan Markle Defence: A Study in Poverty, Part 1 – Paul Wragg – Inforrm's Blog http://bit.ly/3bjlnqX e) Mail on Sunday’s Meghan Markle Defence: A Study in Poverty, Part 2 – Paul Wragg – Inforrm's Blog http://bit.ly/3dfRIkP f) Prof’s summary https://bit.ly/37eflGH ‘the shadowlands of improbability and unreality’.  * Meghan Harry surprised get lit poets (reactions)  * Dominica WCK done: Dominica done! “@WCKitchen has partnered w/ #MeghanMarkle & #PrinceHarry to construct a new state of the art kitchen at the Soufriere Primary School. The new kitchen costs in excess of 100,000 EC dollars & will serve multiple purposes in the community.” https://bit.ly/2Olw7Nn * California governor contacted them not the other way around  * Victoria Murphy  * Robert Jobson Article to read:  * Meghan Wins Her Case  https://bit.ly/2NmrX7H  * Inspiring Quotes From Meghan Markle -  http://bit.ly/3rSYAZC * It's Time For The Carnival Of Clowns To Shut Down Their Freakshow: http://bit.ly/3pY0g3b * Well Well Well, Look Who's Backtracking: http://bit.ly/2LENMyH * How It Started - How It's Going: One Year From Freedom.: http://bit.ly/35KPtkQ * What If The Sussexes Leaked Stories? :https://bit.ly/3b8vFf4 * Love always wins -Archewell Audio Ep 1 : https://bit.ly/3aTA9FW * The one year blackmail (review) of Harry and Meghan by the royal family:  https://bit.ly/2M67Ycy * A Fan Profile: Duchess of Sussex on IG (Rebecca): https://bit.ly/2WrtKcH * Meghan Markle Christmas gift guide https://bit.ly/38fkkqh * How Meghan Became the most trolled person: https://bit.ly/2HWQaPx * How To Write The Perfect CV (Working During A  Series) 1/5- https://bit.ly/35ksbkO * Tips For Working From Home (Working During A Pandemic Series) 2/5 - https://bit.ly/37pV3uN * Meghan and Harry – Standing their ground: https://bit.ly/37f3ZmF * All about Harry: A Prince and a soldier: https://bit.ly/35yAlGj * Harry and Meghan October quiz: https://bit.ly/HMQUIZ * ALL ABOUT HARRY: A Prince and a Soldier: https://bit.ly/3dA5X25 * Harry and Meghan October Quiz: https://bit.ly/3obr1Rw * Sussex Squad Global Opportunities: https://bit.ly/SSQglobal * Meghan Markle: Periods Affect Potential: https://bit.ly/3c4KCLS * The Case of the Irrelevant Clout-Chasing British Royal Family: https://bit.ly/2GMEdeG * Cottage, Tours, and Titles: What A Week Harry and Meghan Had: https://bit.ly/34SWS0y * A Lie Is a Lie; However, It’s Couched!: https://bit.ly/2HmEzc1 * Happy Birthday Harry: http://bit.ly/HBDHarry2   Ways to support #BLM  https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/   Subscribe to our Podcasts 🎙 here:  https://apple.co/2WYuXtO On all other platforms here:  https://sussexsquad.com/all-platforms/ Our Patreon: http://bit.ly/ssppatreon Our Paypal Donation: http://bit.ly/SSPPayPal   Love Tina & Michelle 💜   ***DISCLAIMER*** Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Gossip With Celebitchy
Gossip With Celebitchy
83: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry announce pregnancy, Sussexes' interview with Oprah has the press scrambling
Intro: Minutes 0 to 8:30 We will be off next week and back on February 7. I went to the eye doctor and finally need bifocal glasses as well as readers over my contacts. I feel old but at least I can see now. We’ve been getting a lot of snow and feel so bad about our friends in Texas who are suffering without water and power. You can listen below! Royals: Minutes 8:30 to 26:15 We had huge royals news this week with the announcement that Harry and Meghan are expecting their second child. They released a beautiful black and white outdoor photo, where Meghan is lying against Harry and he’s looking at her adoringly. Chandra thought Meghan might be pregnant when she got an extension on her trial. Lainey pointed out that their photo is very similar to a scene in Notting Hill. Of course royal commentators complained about them asking for “privacy,” because they don’t understand consent. Harry and Meghan also announced that they’re doing an interview with Oprah which will air as a 90 minute special on March 7th! Meghan just won her summary judgment against the Mail on Sunday, announced a pregnancy and then an interview with Oprah. I think Meghan planned it all perfectly but Chandra points out that the summary judgment was just serendipitous timing. After that, the British press started acting like Oprah was a tabloid talk show host when she’s beloved and massively influential around the world. They also made it sound like Oprah was desperate for this interview when that’s definitely not the case. There’s been so much hype ahead of Harry and Meghan’s interview when it will likely be a situation similar to Finding Freedom – the hand-wringing and the hype won’t match up with the actual substance of what they reveal. I think that it will be similar to their African Journey documentary and that they’ll just focus on how they feel and were affected without giving many details. Chandra wonders whether they will spill some tea, because Oprah is great at probing people. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Courtney and Ameerah talk about this. Chandra thinks that Oprah will be able to get Meghan to open up. We have a lot of respect for Oprah’s interviewing skills. Minute 20: We heard that Harry and Meghan’s patronages would be stripped from them by the royal family. (This happened on Friday after we recorded.) We also heard that Harry would be stripped of his honorary military titles, and that he won’t even be able to wear his military uniforms in public! Prince Andrew has kept his military titles and patronages. I like what Chandra wrote about the article about Prince William being concerned about the interview instead of ragey as usual. She wrote that there are “three standards which get played every time there’s a big breaking story about Harry and Meghan. ‘The palace was blindsided by the news,’ ‘Meghan made someone cry’ and, the most important one, ‘Prince William is incandescent with rage at the news.’” Minute 23:45: Prince Philip went into the hospital and was in two nights as of this recording. Chandra thinks it’s been hard for him being relocated from Wood Farm to Windsor Castle at his age. Chandra got a follow on Twitter from a royal columnist for the Daily Mail. User Feedback: Minutes 26:15 to 27 Thanks Zakia and Gil for your nice comments. Also thank you to Lisa from the Eat, Pray, Britney podcast for talking to me last week! Comments of the Week: Minutes 27 to 30 My comments of the week are from Rapunzel and Becks1 on the post about Salma Hayek saying her billionaire husband is discriminated against because he’s rich. We remember when Salma’s husband got with Linda Evangelista and had a baby with her around the same time he was with Salma. Salma lives in London with her daughter and a pet owl. In an interview I covered she made it sound like she’s not living with François-Henri or at least not sleeping in the same room as him. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mika Rekai on the post about Oprah allegedly working for three years to get the interview with the Sussexes. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
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The Paper Outpost - The Joy of Junk Journals!
The Paper Outpost - The Joy of Junk Journals!
Pam at The Paper Outpost
S3 Ep 15: Bored with Your Current Crafting? Mojo Moved Out?! Help is on the Way!:)
S3 Ep 15: Bored with Your Current Crafting? Mojo Moved Out?! Help is on the Way!:) I am forever grateful to all of you for helping build this fun community full of passion for paper! :) Come on along with me and I will put the tea on! :) Sincerely, Pam at The Paper Outpost :) ! NEW! Vintage Ephemera Digital Kits in my Etsy Store! :) www.etsy.com/shop/ThePaperOutpost?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Click here to see all my items with pictures in my Amazon Store! https://www.amazon.com/shop/thepaperoutpost  Sign up for my Newsletter and received a Free Checklist of Junk Journal Supplies Plus The Note From The Book Maker Included plus a monthly free digital printable image!: http://bit.ly/freechecklistofsupplies Come Find Me At: Youtube: The Paper Outpost: https://www.youtube.com/thepaperoutpost Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/ThePaperOutpost? Twitter: twitter.com/thepaperoutpost Instagram: www.instagram.com/thepaperoutpost/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/ThePaperOutpost/?modal=admin_todo_tour Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thepaperoutpost/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-paper-outpost/?viewAsMember=true Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/1ia6ayctn12r2rljnl307rk1joojur/pins/ Website: www.thepaperoutpost.com Email: thepaperoutpost@gmail.com Podcast can be found on: The Paper Outpost: The Joy of Junk Journals! Easily Found on: Anchor: anchor.fm/the-paper-outpost Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/2dZXtLP8HW7g3uIh1HOPV2 Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-paper-outpost-the-joy-of-junk-journals/id1492938525?uo=4 Google Podcast: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMTNiNTM5Yy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== #thepaperoutpost #junkjournal #paperoutpost #funcanbesimple #createwithrecklessabandon #papercraft #junkjournals #journal
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Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Jeanette Songolo
Podcast 61 – Meghan and Harry donate a roof to a Dallas based women's shelter
Meghan and Harry have made a donation to replace the roof on the transitional housing unit called Annie’s House at Dallas based Genesis Women's Shelter.  Harry and Meghan are  literally helping to put a roof over the heads of women and children! Established in 1984, Genesis’s mission is to provide safety, shelter, and support for women who have experienced domestic violence and raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact.  *Genesis Women’s Shelter was founded with a goal to not just help women, but to completely eradicate domestic violence.* In 1986 Genesis had a small 7-bedroomed shelter using a property that had been donated by the City of Dallas. By 1988 Genesis had already began building a new wing to their shelter and they started a 24-hour crisis hotline as well as counselling and parenting classes. Genesis has continued to expand and grow as an organization year of year, both in terms of the number of women and children they help and also in terms of their services. They offer emergency and long-term housing, counselling,  education and legal advice.  *https://www.genesisshelter.org/**   *According to their website, in 2020 they serviced 3,700 women and children. Genesis describe the women who come to them as often being in a fight for their life. Shelter staff aim to walk alongside each woman and tell her she is not alone and that she deserves to feel safe and happy. On February the 13th the shelter suffered significant structural damage to their emergency shelter. The electromagnetic locks on their buildings stopped working when power was lost meaning the building was no longer safe and secure. Genesis tweeted that for the first time in 35+ years of operating that their emergency shelter and transitional housing had to be completely shut down due to burst pipes and power loss. The shut down led to the evacuation of 87 women and children.  The shelter hit reached out to their supporters through their social media accounts, asking for donations. Donations came in quickly in response from private individuals and from organizations, from all across America ad beyond.  The shelter got themselves back operating in an amazingly short period of time. Their thrift shop was reopened first. One week after the storm, Genesis had their emergency shelter back open and beds available from women and children. *Meghan has always supporting organizations that protect women and children and which advocate for the rights of women.* *The CEO of Genesis praised Harry and Meghan for their generosity, saying in a statement, "Not only will this gift provide for our critical needs, it shines an international spotlight on violence against women and children, letting survivors know that they are not alone.”* Keep looking out for future podcasts on all things Meghan, Harry and Archie. *And keep checking out my blog at **www.kindthoughtsformeghanmarkle.com*
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