Want to Slow Down Aging? Meet Your Telomeres
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In this week’s episode we’re talking about a very important subject, and that is aging! Telomeres have a direct impact on not only our appearance as we age but our overall longevity. Join us as we specifically discuss telomeres; understanding what telomeres are, understanding some of the different things we can do to keep them lengthened and healthy.


Understanding the Importance of Telomeres

Understanding the impact telomeres have on our aging will help us understand the positive health benefits of mushrooms.

  • The telomere is the “tail” of each chromosome in your cells. These tiny little segments of your DNA are critical for healthy, youthful living.
  • Think of them as the plastic tips of shoelaces that keep them together. Telomeres work the same way.
  • They prevent chromosomes from fraying or tangling with one another. When that happens, it can cause genetic information to get all mixed up or destroyed leading to health problems. Worst of all, damage to your telomeres can speed up your aging.
  • One study of 60 to 75-year-old people showed those with short Telomeres had a 300% higher death rate from heart-related problems. They also had an 800% higher death rate from infectious diseases.
  • Why? Because each time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter.
  • As our telomeres wear down, so do we. That’s when we develop problems with hearing or age-related memory loss — things most of us consider natural parts of aging.

Can We Slow This Down?

  • Yes! As it turns out, age really is just a number.
  • You see, there’s a big difference between your biological age and your chronological age. And it’s your biological age that matters most.
  • Why? It all comes back to those pesky telomeres. They’re a primary reason some people age at different speeds than others. Or why some people always seem to be “coming down with something” and others have an impenetrable immune system.
  • While we can’t stop our telomeres from getting shorter, we can S-L-O-W the process down if we’re smart about it…

3 Ways to Increase the Length of Your Telomeres

  1. Boost Micro-Nutrients – Vitamins A, D, C, and E have all been proven to slow down your telomeres. And data from one study (586 women, ages 35-74) showed those with a strong nutrient base had 5.1% longer telomeres than those who did not.
  2. Reduce Inflammation – European study showed that those who had low levels of inflammation were able to maintain their telomeres at a ‘youthful’ level. Their telomeres matched those of a person who was 60 even when they were 80 years old
  3. Anti-Oxidants – Studies show that your telomeres are extremely sensitive to oxidative stress. Not only that, but too much oxidation in your cells could hurt how your telomeres are meant to function. That’s why keeping powerful antioxidants like Nutritional Mushrooms in your diet is so crucial for healthy aging. Antioxidants combat the free radicals that may cause cell damage or cell death.

Gene Expression/Epigenetics

  • Epigenetics is the study of how we can affect our gene expression based off of lifestyle choices, whether that’s food, how much sun exposure you’re getting, the kind of toxins that are in your life, the working out that you do.
  • We can slow down the aging process if we understand aging, we understand telomeres, we understand the different things that we can do to keep them longer will ultimately slow down the aging.


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