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May 27, 2021
the GG show 第七集:Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country - 🇹🇭 Thailand & Eswatini 🇸🇿 (P4)
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短介Brief:Tan (Thailand) and Bongani (Eswatini) both share their home country share a long border with neighbouring countries, while the country is not only thinking about to contain possible transmission of Covid-19 crossing the border but also struggle with economic sustainability. Whether there will be a U-turn back to normal or a new normal for living, the vaccine is one of the most anticipating tools to settle this pandemic down! 泰國與史瓦帝尼都與鄰近國家分享著長國界,更煩惱著如何在經濟發展以及阻斷傳染的散播之間掙扎。是否會有可能回到原本的正常生活,或會有一個新的正常生活,大家都引頸期待著的疫苗能夠將這一切的混亂整平。


photo credit to: Dene Leigh, “Checkered Memories”, ca. 2021
音樂版權:Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa -


"主持人Ms. GG 懺情錄:這是最後一場次了,這主題 Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country。 原本應該有三個場次,七個國家八個人,但是後來因為許多因素包含這一個台灣的疫情爆發,所以只安排了上一場次的貝里斯還有越南 (part 1 和 part 2),這一場次的泰國和史瓦帝尼就算是最後一個場次了。同樣也是分為上下集,算是這一系列的part 3 和 part 4。"

回顧 Catch-up: 貝里斯 Belize 和 越南 Vietnam (part 1 and part 2) 還有 泰國 Thailand 和 史瓦帝尼 Eswatini (part 3 and this episode)

Border control is difficult especially for Thailand and Eswatini, where they are closely connected with their different neighboring countries. Even, they probably would both agree that personal protection is essential and should be practiced 24/7. However, vaccines, while every country is struggling to obtain and purchase, might be the ultimate tool. Whether this kind of new normal will continue, in this part 4, we have different opinions. Can’t wait? please join us together in this episode.

邊境管制對於,無論是泰國或史瓦帝尼,都是很困難的,但卻又不得不,因為他們都緊密的與鄰近的國家,分享著國界!甚或,節目中的來賓都同意個人保護是最必要最基本的;但也相信,可能疫苗是我們最終極的武器。然而,各國都掙扎的想要爭取和採購到更多的疫苗,但對於我們所面對的新生活日常 (new normal),我們其實有著不同的看法,到底是會是一個完全不一樣的生活日常呢?還是我們總是會回歸到過去的那一種日常的日常?




1st-3rd waves of Thai Pandemic on media (Following ordered links)
Policy to tackle Thai Pandemic

video 1
video 2


We would like to know how do you feel about this episode! Should there be any comments or suggestions, we are happy to receive them. Thank you.


主持人Host:Ms. GG

邀請貴賓Inivted Guests:Tan and Bongani

錄製日期時間Rocording Date/Time:2021.05.25 下午 06:00 ~ 08:00pm

訪問大綱 Interview Guide:
01. Could you please introduce yourself and where you from?
02. For the past year, where were you? what did you do? and what happened to this world? how did you feel?
03. How is the situation now in your mother country? could you please briefly take us to your country's story from when Covid-19's first strike, what did it do?
04. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible and you may briefly tell the audience what the news report about in the recording) about the severity of Covid-19 spreading in your home country.
- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the host before the recording.
05. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible) about how the government's act and strategy to flatten the curve.
- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the host before the recording.
06. Specifically on the Vaccination Roll-out, please tell us what is the ongoing plan in your home country.

錄音編輯後製Editing:Medusa (基本上就是頭尾,但牠很混怒現在)

音樂版權Music Authorization:Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa -

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