Trust Your Intuition
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Have you ever had a difficult decision to make, and you didn’t know what to do? You create a pros and cons list to no avail (徒勞無功). Any choice you make comes with consequences and questions. But you know you have to make one. In those moments, you know you have to ask yourself what you really want. But what happens when you don’t even see that? You might choose incorrectly. It’s hard to move forward when you feel like that. The good news is that intuition can be a game changer (改變遊戲規則的人). You can call it in your inner voice, inner guidance, uncanny knowledge, instinct, gut feelings (直覺), the sixth sense, or a hunch (直覺). Sometimes looking within is all you have to do. 
There are a few things that get in the way of intuition. To get through the obstacles outside, you can become self-aware. You scan your body and examine your beliefs. Getting out of your own head can actually lead to more intuitive thinking. The benefits are that you find yourself, you make the right choice, you take chances, and you take action where others will not. Albert Einstein said, “I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right.”
Intuition is nonconscious emotional information from your brain or body. Intuition is when you make decisions devoid of (缺乏) analytical reasoning, and replaced with emotional insights based on your own experiences. Intuition can come from seeing correlation in patterns from past experiences to present moments. Besides, the insights we get from intuition would enter the conscious awareness of what we know. Intuition can happen anywhere and sometimes “it just happens.”
We actually see ourselves as the persons to predict what will happen. We mirror the outside movements in our minds. We, in fact, can be highly intuitive people in some way. Highly intuitive people tend to take time for introspection sometimes. They check in with themselves for self-awareness and body scans. They ask themselves what they are feeling, and where they are feeling it in the body. They do a lot of reflecting on their days and inner selves. They look for ways to express themselves, and often talk about their feelings. They do not feel ashamed of their emotions. They let themselves feel to welcome the feelings of the human experiences. They tend to ask themselves, “How am I feeling right now?” more often throughout the day. They know exactly how they feel when something happens, and they trust that feeling.
Highly intuitive people seek solitude when they can separate themselves from what others think they should do. They listen to themselves. They take a long walk in nature and take breaks. They look for silence and stillness. It helps them hear their inner voice when they shut the world out for a moment. Highly intuitive people put their authentic selves first. Every space is an authentic one because they do not wear a mask. They don’t act from a place of “should.” They act from a place of their values. These values dictate their perspectives, leading their intuition to keep them in place.
Highly intuitive people experience a lot of empathy because they are able to imagine what an experience is like for someone else. They do not necessarily project their own experiences when they do this. It is a selfless insight to help someone else. They are the first ones when something goes wrong. That’s because they put themselves in others’ places. Their intuition comes from wanting to know how to make a person feel happy and secure. They might go out of their ways and even become altruistic to make sure someone is okay. They can see when someone is smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside.
Highly intuitive people know the importance of safe spaces. They go where they are celebrated and welcome others who are in need of acceptance. They know what it’s like to be different because they are deeply feeling and highly sensitive. So, they know how to interact with people who feel insecure. They are right there with you in the struggles you face. They have great empathy, but also great compassion. They are willing to be a safe space for you. 
Highly intuitive people are explorative. They are always seeking new experiences and learning new things. They can become more intuitive because of their self-discovery and exploration. When you go to intuitive persons, they are pulling from all their experiences in order to listen to you. And they often know just the things you need.
Highly intuitive people are creative. They trust their intuitions and feelings to guide them with certain projects and tasks. They may find solutions that are not so obvious and straightforward, and may do things in an independent fashion. But they love to help out and are sincere about finding answers to complex problems. Being creative helps them come up with ideas. Highly intuitive people are mindful (留心). They focus on the present moment and tune out everything else. They know what matters most is right in front of them. They know how to practice the pause. They pause before they react or make a choice. They ask themselves, “What is best here for everyone?” Mindfulness helps them make decisions rather than choose something rashly. They are less impulsive. They know that their insights come sometimes in the form of meditation.
  To trust your intuition really is a practice, an art—especially in those moments when it feels like you’re working hard and things just aren’t happening. Our strongest, most powerful connection to all the stars, the cosmos and everything else around us can guide us, and help us know our intuitions. Actually, trusting the universe isn’t just about hoping to have a saved world. It’s about being practical, about approaching our head-on fears and learning what specific limited beliefs we have that we need to let go of. Everything comes back to the fierce power of love in our hearts. The best way to trust our intuition and the universe is to learn to trust ourselves first. It all comes back to love in the fiercest possible way.

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