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Ed Batista's Journey as an Executive Coach

Ed Batista is an executive coach and was an instructor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business[3]. He has spent years coaching senior leaders who are facing a series of challenges or seeking greater fulfillment in their role[1]. Coaching is a way of being with others that's accessible to everyone and is not exclusive to professional coaches[2]. Ed Batista is a prominent executive coach in Silicon Valley who counts technology company CEOs and leaders in various fields as his clients[4]. He writes regularly on issues related to leadership and management[3]. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in leadership[5]. In a podcast interview, he discussed the "Impulse to Hurry" hack, which is about slowing down and taking time to reflect[4].   Sources   [1] Coaching yourself into a better career with Ed Batista https://reconsidering.org/episodes/21   [2] Ed Batista: Coaching https://www.edbatista.com/coaching/   [3] Don't Inflict Help, Provide It https://hbr.org/2013/09/dont-inflict-help-provide-it   [4] Ed Batista on the "Impulse to Hurry" Hack: Slow Down and ... https://www.theleadingedgelab.com/eq-hacks-podcast/ed-batista-impulse-to-hurry-hack   [5] Lauren Weinstein's Post https://www.linkedin.com/posts/weinsteinlauren_the-importance-of-shared-narrative-activity-6962901949776089088-tlqC   [6] 3 Resilience & Courage - Think Visuals Newsletter https://thinkvisuals.substack.com/p/3-resilience-and-courage   What is an Exec Coach?:   An executive coach is a trained professional who works with leaders and teams to help them improve their performance, develop leadership skills, and overcome obstacles to success[2][3]. They provide one-on-one or group sessions where they use thought-provoking discussions to guide and support clients through professional challenges and opportunities[2]. The goal of executive coaching is to enhance leadership skills, improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, expose blind spots, and change limiting behaviors and beliefs[2]. Executive coaches often come from diverse backgrounds and may have certifications from certifying bodies in the executive coaching industry[2]. They provide a safe and structured environment for clients to receive support and guidance[5]. Executive coaching is a client-driven process that is distinct from other service professions such as counseling, mentoring, consulting, and training[5]. The focus of executive coaching is on optimizing leadership performance and effectively managing overwhelm and stress[3].   Sources   [1] Definition of Executive Coaching https://chicagoexecutivecoaching.com/resources/definition-executive-coaching/   [2] What is Executive Coaching? Benefits & Examples | Bravanti https://bravanti.com/what-is-executive-coaching-benefits-and-examples/   [3] What is an Executive Coach? https://www.jodymichael.com/blog/what-is-an-executive-coach/   [4] What is Executive Coaching? https://www.talentlyft.com/en/resources/what-is-executive-coaching   [5] What is Executive Coaching? | ATD https://www.td.org/talent-development-glossary-terms/what-is-executive-coaching   [6] Executive Coaching: What Is It And How It Can Help You https://www.betterup.com/blog/executive-coaching
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